• Hi,

    we have worked with KAWASAKI robots from the last 25 years. We had several model JS30 with control AD-HQ and servo board 1GE. We have the KAWASAKI servo driver (diskette) for this board and AD-HQ control.

    Now, in the last weeks, we are conditioning one JS30 with AD control for practices and teaching.

    The robot moves fine, but I have one question: The servo board is 1AE and we have not software for servo drive (diskette), like we have in AD-HQ control.

    Is there a servo driver software for AD control? I've asked for several friends which worked with AD control, and they don't remember this diskette.

    If there is for JS30 in AD, where we can get it? Because KAWASAKI doen't give support for AD nowadays.

    Somebody has experience with AD controls? Did you had servo driver diskette?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Best regards

  • on the servo board is there EPROMs? If not, software had to have been loaded by disk. Even though Kawasaki robotics do not support AD controllers I find it hard to believe they would not sell old software they should have archived?

  • Wow, it's amazing that there has been a number of recent threads referencing the old A and AD systems.....

    A testament to Kawasaki's longevity and reliability they build in to their robotic products.

    Even though Kawasaki robotics do not support AD controllers I find it hard to believe they would not sell old software they should have archived?

    Definitely worth firing an email off and seeing what their response is at least.

    I do know some Kawasaki distributors that archive software, but with the product being obsolete, the focus on actually providing such support maybe limited by staff knowledge and supporting documentation and the urge to sell you the latest equivalent systems.

    I have to agree with roboperson.

    I cannot be 100%, but if my memory serves me correct, the 1AE was the first version servo board, and the servo software was preloaded onto 2 EEPROMS.

    If you ever needed to order a replacement 1AE, then you also had to specify if you required EEPROMS and also inform them of the Robot Arm Model.

    I don't recall the 1AE having the ability of loading the servo software by way of diskette, only by an EEPROM replacement.

    I believe on the 1GE, they used flash instead, and hence introduced the ability of loading new servo software from diskette.

    - Again, I cannot be 100% sure about this, I just can't remember ever loading software onto a 1AE board.......But I may be incorrect.

    So, the only routes I can see are:

    1. Contact Kawasaki and see what their response is.

    2. If someone has the EEPROMS, a read/writer and the original EEPROMS (I'm sure you could still purchase them - but may require some searching).....then they could be replicated as I don't think there is any copy protection on those types of EEPROM used.

  • Thank you all very much for your quick reaction.

    The card I have available has two EEPROMS with the same numbering, that corresponds to the version that appears after the ID command in the control.

    It is clear that there is no diskette to update the servo, it is necessary to replace the EEPROMs.

    The local KAWASAKI partner told me that they no longer service the AD control. Do you know of a direct contact at KAWASAKI to request old software?

    Thanks again at all.

    Best regards

  • The following link displays the global 'Kawasaki network', most of the Kawasaki departments have their own integrators to.…noselect&business=gl-b100

    Also, Tiesse (Italy) is a huge Kawasaki partner and produced many systems back in the day using AD Controllers (I think polishing apps), so may be worth hunting them down to see if they can offer support.

  • Not sure of the relevance, anymore but more of an after thought. It seems that the non HQ encoders used a 1AE board and EPROMS. The HQ encoders used a 1GE board. They transitioned into the HQ encoders in the middle of the AD controllers so you could have the same robot, same controller but different servo boards based off the encoders.

  • I concur.

    You cannot replace 1AE with 1GE and 1GE with 1AE as the encoders provide different resolutions and if I'm not mistaken the connections to the circuit boards also differ.

    There is some additional information (you will have to search for 1AE/1GE or HE-02 or H20 Encoders) found here in the AD Electrical Maintenance Manual.

    A and AD Controller Documents

  • It's a very good question, I can't recall ever being in a situation to confirm that.......:hmmm:

    If one of my clients asked me to 'try anything in a breakdown situation', I would definitely highlight specific risks and liability before trying.

    With the lack of spares now, it would kind of force you into a position where you would certainly try.

    Without accepting any liability::away:

    - If the part number is the same and it is mounting in the same slot and has the same connectors and layout then in my opinion yes.

    - Making sure dip switch and jumper settings are the same.

    - Watch out between servo firmware and system firmware incompatibilities, this maybe a factor.

    I suppose if you have the luxury of a couple of 'spares', some time and 'freedom' and a good 'pucker factor' to try, the most obvious test would be:

    - AVR/AVR1

    - 1BP Board

    - Power Blocks

    If you look at the block diagrams in the manual, they reference 1AE/1GE and the rest of the boards appear to be common.

    Kawasaki do produce 'vendor' specific systems and therefore you could introduce problems of incompatibility and failures based on this.

    Again, the above is just my opinion and the risk of trying would rest on you.:yessir:

  • It has been several years since I have done it, but if I remember correctly, it Was the encoders.. But it seemed the motors bad a different mount so perhaps motors also based on this, encoder cables, (possibly motors), Separation harnesses, software... Seemed you could take an HQ robot, change the boards and software (possibly separation harnesses) and upgrade. As I said, forgive me its been many years, but this is the best I remember.

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