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    I have a couple of R 30 iB Ipendants that are acting different. Some make me use the display key to go back and forth between screens while some allow me to touch between them as well as use the display key. I checked and all of them have $touch_enb true. Is there a variable that I am missing? Thank you for any support.

    Have you checked to see if mounting bolts have come loose allowing the arm to move, rock, or shake? Have you checked the mechanic of the arm? Stretched out joints 2 and 3 and shook the arm making sure the back lash is good and all mechanical elements besides the balancer is not failing? Is your arm reaching extremely beyond its working range of motion with a heavy dress package and E.O.A.T.? Just because the arm is rated for a weight, the further it reaches it looked how much it can carry.

    It has been several years since I have done it, but if I remember correctly, it Was the encoders.. But it seemed the motors bad a different mount so perhaps motors also based on this, encoder cables, (possibly motors), Separation harnesses, software... Seemed you could take an HQ robot, change the boards and software (possibly separation harnesses) and upgrade. As I said, forgive me its been many years, but this is the best I remember.

    AS language (Advanced Superior) has stayed pretty much the same since even way back to the Unimates. Some things do change for example I've seen controllers require the entire word "edit" be typed where some allowed just "ed". Some of the options and commands may vary by applications but in general they stay the same.

    There is no extra charge on the encoders I know of. Once you power down a controller with low encoder batteries you are usually hit. Controllers come with the zeroing data from the factory inside the controller. If your programs were taught to this zeroing it should be good.Kawasaki are a non TCP Dependant robot. They record positions in joint values. Where you can run into issues is you have taught programs after re-zeroing. Have to remember that programs are taught to the zeroing data present and not always the factory zero.

    Not sure of the relevance, anymore but more of an after thought. It seems that the non HQ encoders used a 1AE board and EPROMS. The HQ encoders used a 1GE board. They transitioned into the HQ encoders in the middle of the AD controllers so you could have the same robot, same controller but different servo boards based off the encoders.

    kawasaki Robotics should be able to burn you the proper EPROMs for your robot and controller. If your board fails it is very unlikely it is the EPROMs and can transfer them to another board if you are careful. You just need to REALLY watch the legs so they don't get bent. It can sometimes be deceiving when you install them.

    Kawasaki is not a TCP dependent robot. It finds its location through Joint angles. ABB is TCP dependent so it finds it location simular to a Fanuc in its tool and frame data. If you teach a Kawasaki and use AS then you can use its tool coordinate using XYZ,OAT. The OAT is rotational value reminds me more similar to the Fanuc than the ABB. Unfortunately, although I understand the theory of Quaternions I dont have enough Math to truly understand and figure them. I think of Quaternions as messed up OATs. I could be a bit off, but that is my basic understanding.

    Could be motor and / or encoder has gone bad, but more than likely your encoder is bad. Hopefully your programs are taught to O so when you change it you dont loose the values. Its not hard to change but if you dont approach it right your going to have to re-teach all your programs.
    Best of luck

    I hate to say it, but you may be at the mercy of Kawasaki on this one. Servo spot weld software is different than Material Handling. IF you get the correct software, getting the correct settings unless it is from the same robot type Servo Gun could be difficult. Kawasaki upper level passwords are software specific by mathmatical code per software version and they wont give them out. Most the settings you need are in them levels. You can back door it if you know how to log in with KCwin or KCwinTCP/IP but I believe even some of them settings can not be reached. They also charge 1,000 dollars per option changed even though they are in the controller, but not active. Hope someone else can help or offer better advice... best of luck

    Need a little more information to give a good answer. What is or was the current appliaction? If it is configured as a servo gun then its not too difficult. If it is configured as a material hanlder or other application you may need more. There are settings and Functions that need to be configured for a servo gun, S-logic. Is this a C controller? D controller? Does it have a current installed interface? Etc..

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