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  • Pirozhok

    Replied to the thread How to connect cs8c to PC?.
    Thank you!!!
    Next step. May be someone know any solutions with vision? Any applications, programs? How to connect camera to cs8c controller?
    I have LabView and DigiMatrix slaubli library, but i can not connect LabView and my cs8c (there is a VAl3 ver.…
  • Doctor_C

    The PROG-040 alarm is because you have a macro with motion enabled for group 1. you cannot trigger a macro while running with motion in it.

    I would try a skip label on your standard motions, and call a program/or jump to another section to change the…
  • Pirozhok

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    Hello Pirozhok,
    You can simply use the windows explorer. Type
    (Code, 1 line)

    Press enter and the explorer will ask you to enter a valid profil and password has to be replaced by the controller IP address.

    If you just want to pass…
  • Used industrial robots can be bought on Amazon, eBay or from various merchants, sometimes at excessive prices.
    But are they worth it?
    What are points that I have to keep in mind when buying a used robot?
  • SkyeFire

    This sounds like something that could be solved using IR_STOPM, in particular the recovery section. You would have to set a flag in your regular program to indicate when this condition needs to be watched for, and in the recovery section of IR_STOPM put…
  • pdl

    Replied to the thread Robot Guide Questions.
    Yes, roboguide will do that.
  • Lemster68

    Replied to the thread open RobotStudio old version.
    It is actually better because it is just the robotware. Many of the older versions you had robotstudio with robotware which is about 2Gb download.
  • Event Robotics

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    please, if you need forum help, formulate question properly. this is why i suggested reading READ FIRST topic. there are many controllers and KSS versions so be specific.

    physically file is normally found in: C\KRC\Roboter\Init
    getting to it is another…
  • IlFincoITA

    In the IO_CFG the slot 144 is not editable... the only thing changeble is that I can add ETHERNET module. Where the X20SL8110 is configured?
  • kwakisaki

    There's a field there to input your preferred starting joints, so that would be the area I would look at.
    Enter the values I posted and see what occurs.
  • IlFincoITA

    Here the configuration seems to match the hardware I have. But still this error is present.
  • Smajic Jasmin

    Yes, my bad. So you need to select type of robot, tool and reference frame. Here is link for tutorial:

    Thank You, I'll let you know when I try some modifications.
  • Huydragon113

    68906355_1101108380074689_7345025479302184960_n.png?_nc_cat=100&_nc_oc=AQnRSF4dD3XquNjCy8SfmF0uUD4jEeOUh1E2625qwdyNGj0k4Vn7pkhwj1LzIZuX-Kc&_nc_ht=scontent.fsgn2-2.fna&oh=9fafc39a69278dc3b29db50d354b7d38&oe=5E0E9609Hello everyone, I have a serious problem that stopped me from working on my project for a few days and i really need your help.
    I have my Karel program (*.karel) converted into *.PC file successfully, but when i want to use CALL command to run it from a…
  • AlexGuut


    I am having 2 alarm codes with a Fanuc CR35ia collaborative robot that I am struggling to get rid of.

    The first one is SRVO-232 "NTED INPUT", which disappears if I switch my TP to "OFF/Automatic" and hold the deadman switch;
    The second one, which is…
  • alessaha

    Liked the article Epson Robot Conference.
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    Last week I was very active in the forum because I was in California taking part of a Epson robot conference.
    The conference was very informative. I would like to mention two items that really impressed me
    1) The new T series. Scara robots with controller incorporated in the arm.
    2) the new N series, 6 axis articulated robot. I would describe the manipulator as a hybrid between scara and 6 axis .
  • Xerces

    I will see if I find a way to solve this using the SPS. I have a tight cycle time on this cell so I cannot afford the robot to stop.

    As I tried to explain earlier this problem occurs when the operator safety is broken when the robot has passed its signal…
  • Norrbagge

    Most helpful post
    If you can move robot I would try and remaster the robot properly, you probably have to take off foam covers to see the witness marks. If you cant move it try and disable DCS, not sure if this will work because I haven't seen that alarm before.
  • Norrbagge

    Replied to the thread CR-35iA - SRVO-482 and mastering..

    Zero mastering did the trick to get the robot back to normal positioning.
  • AwfulAutomation

    Posted the thread Robot Guide Questions.
    Have a question regards Fanuc Roboguide software.

    I am used to programming robots ABB using robot studio to quickly write my code.

    Does Roboguide allow me to do the same ? I.e connect to laptop and write and download code to the robot via the laptop over…
  • Akbar Torkashvand

    Replied to the thread open RobotStudio old version.
    Thanks so much. you mean this is only way to open this file.?
    If yes. It's very bad news. We must have all version of this software.