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  • Affaltar

    Replied to the thread New to Kuka, bit lost.
    Ok, batteries will need to be replaced, I left it to charge them for 20h, rebooted the robot and again lost mastering. Can anything bad happen if I work with robot without changing batteries? Except having to do mastering every time I turn it on?

    I found…
  • Affaltar

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    batteries may last some 3-3.5 years if charged properly and regularly. if you power down controller, teach pendant and few other things will get power from batteries for a while while shutting down. also some data will be written to RDW. if batteries are…
  • Affaltar

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    If you got "Perform mastering" after a reboot your batteries are probably dead.
  • Vikram

    Sir I never did it before May you please send some screenshot of program or stepwise way how to set an interrupt and Boolean flag ,and how to use it in main program.
  • robbrobb

    Replied to the thread Limits of base calibration.
    Hi Leon,

    Apologies if that was not clear - but yes you are correct. if the base was on the right side of the robot, I have moved it over to the left. No geometric operator.

    By re-calibrating the base, am I not defining it's rotational orientation? I am…
  • No, I meant donation from companies. Used robots that the companies would otherwise sell off.

    The tax writeoffs are often just as valuable as selling off the robots at auction.

    I just don't know who to talk to at companies. Engineers? Asset management? IT…
  • Apap1996

    Thank you
    95devils and fester1981.

    I have tried with none of the devices were responding.
    I will try with the other IP add tomorrow.
    also I will check whether it is having voltage or not.

    Will update here.
  • So I've had this issue in the past and it's usually a macro touch that wasn't finished. This time it's different. If I go to save any job in the job list I get this error. We're maxed out on memory so we have to save and delete programs to make room to…
  • Hi

    I dont understand. Why dont you call FANUC sales and marketing division and see what they tell you ?
  • Fabian Munoz

    !Teach PR[23]
    L PR[23] R[1]mm/sec FINE
    PR[24] = PR[23] Tool_Offset, PR[9]
    PR[25] = PR[23] Tool_Offset, PR[10]

    Try this and tell us what is you dont like
    !Teach PR[23]
    L PR[23] R[1]mm/sec FINE
    PR[24] = PR[23]
    L PR[24] Tool_Offset, PR[9]
    PR[25] = PR[23]
    L PR[25]…
  • arthala

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    In Filezilla's Site Manager setup the following:
    Host: [your robot IP] Port: 21
    Protocol: FTP - File Transfer Protool
    Encryption: Only use plain FTP (insecure)
    Logon Type: [Ask for password]
    User: (if password option is enabled, use login from Password setup,…
  • Skooter

    Replied to the thread SMBUS unit lost.
    For clarity:
    Which batteries are "both" batteries?
    What is the error code number?

    The NiCad battery pack that the 3HAC6550-1 charges allows the Computer Unit to image the controller memory when the controller is turned off.
    The lithium battery pack located…
  • Skooter

    Replied to the thread IRB120 IRC5 error.
    (Quote from JamieGR)

    Just another thought - did someone accidently update the commutation offsets?
    Make all axes are set to the default 1.5708.
    You can reload the MOC.cfg from a backup before this happened.
  • jwl

    Replied to the thread Desparately need Kfloppy.
    Thanks everyone. I did manage to get a copy of Kfloppy from a Fanuc rep. Back up and running now but for some reason the Password menu option is not being listed even though I have the Password option installed.
  • Sevastopol1

    Replied to the thread Trying to decipher IO Mapping.
    Model B I/O is an I/O Link device and is assigned to Rack 1.

    MENU, I/O, F1 TYPE, 0 next, Link Device

    You should see the different model B modules here and be able to see which Rack (1) and slot each is assigned to.

    After reviewing that you should be able to…
  • Hi all,
    We are integrating our Schunk WSG50 and Kuka IIWA 7, we were wondering if we could use the ethercat port on the media flange to provide POE (power over ethernet) and an ethernet passthrough to a desktop computer?
    Is there an ethercat port that is…
  • retobor

    Replied to the thread Best torch angle for welding.
    Your work angle (assuming 45°) looks pretty good as your weld looks evenly distributed between both parts. Try a greater travel angle (10-15°) push, which should turn out to be a cleaner weld like the end.
  • Celiber

    Replied to the thread robotstudio 5.14.
    I tried to install from USB because I do not see any other option for the moment...
    No Ethernet connection, no floppy or CD Drive.
  • Celiber

    Replied to the thread robotstudio 5.14.
  • Celiber

    Replied to the thread robotstudio 5.14.
    the teach pendant stays in the same icon with the moving bar searching for the controller.
    I tried all the options.
    When I put it in the controller I hear a bit tone. But this is all.

    The. Monitor is in the video output of the controller.