(D1584) [Servo board 1] P-N capacitor has not discharged

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  • That is an undocumented error code.

    I would definitely inform your Kawasaki distributor of this so that they can revise their troubleshooting manuals.

    Also, I would check whether your Controller is still within warranty and also if this is a known issue with the RS07 or not before stripping it down for further investigation.

    Not experiencing this error before, I would use a logical approach.

    - Try and reset it, if not, power cycle it and see if it clears.

    - If not, make a note just how warm the controller is especially note the fans running and heatsink temperatures, power it off for a good period of time.

    - Power back on and see if there is any difference.

    - Try it in Teach and Repeat modes - does it occur in only one or both of these modes.

    - If this is a hardware error, then the error will be permanent, if you find periods that you can use the robot, then I would direct this issue to Kawasaki as you may have discovered a software bug.

    On earlier C/D/E Controllers, the principle 'behind this error':

    - The incoming mains is converted to a DC Bus, which the servo amplifiers use to produce the AC Voltage for the motors.

    - This DC bus capacitor is charged/discharged via precharge/discharge resistors every time a motion demand is made (audible contactors switching on/off).

    - These components were all easily accessible for troubleshooting/replacement.

    On the F Controller, I would not speculate that this is the same, but would expect it to be similar, just more compact.

    I think the main DC of the system is via the 2AU board and has a built in controlled bridge rectifier and has led indicators to show status of DC conditioning.

    Have you not got the troubleshooting manual?

  • Hello kwakisaki, thank you as usual for your help.

    Fortunately we were able to solve the problem: we were using an officially licensed "extension cord" to connect the controller to the robot; we don't know how, when or in which way, but it has been damaged and so we were getting the error.

    Switching back to the original cable, the problem was no more. In some ways we were lucky, it would have been 100 times worse if it had happened after we installed everything at the client place :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

  • That would have been the last thing I would of thought of as being the cause, so it's good to know you've located, resolved it and to post your result back.

    I always like to find the exact source and then reverse troubleshoot electrically to see if it all adds up, which harness are you referring to exactly, could you post back?

    Yes, if it was an 'official extension', it opens some questions to the integrity of it and could have resulted in some embarrassment at the clients premises for sure......nice job.....:top:

  • The extension cord was for the motor harness and the signal harness (the single big connector on the back of the robot), and it was made specifically for moving applications by the supplier of the robots, the official dealer for our country; at the moment the cable has not been removed and tested so we still do not know what happened, but to be honest I'm leaning forward to a mix of mechanical failure in passing the cable and the excessive rigidity of the cable itself.

    After the cable will be removed, we will bring it directly to the supplier and they will test it in their lab; I will keep you posted on the results.

  • Usually Kawasaki supply cables in different lengths (this is included in the part no. with an L0x reference dictating the length in meters - eg L05 would be 5m).

    I think as standard the F Controller is fitted with L10 cables.

    From the Specifications I have, they can supply upto 15m cables, anything longer than that, may require a special cable making.

    Usually Kawasaki cables contain an OD shielding to help protect internal conductor deformation, but they may have altered this though.

    Are you saying, an integrator has supplied an extension to this, or Kawasaki has?

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