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    There is no backlash compensation. Call Yaskawa you can have an audit done to find out what axis or drives need to be replaces, or get a rebuilt arm as a core exchange, or have the robot rebuilt or buy a new robot.

    This is like the check engine light in your car. Sometimes it's a real warning that something bad is about to happen and sometimes it's the manufacturer trying to get you to come in for service.

    Change to management security level

    Change S2C1233 to a “1”.

    Select PM icon

    Select on inspect notice


    First of all this is a robot not a 3D printer. A robot will never move like a 3D printer. A robot is meant to go to a point and do a function (spot weld, close or open a gripper...) or turn on a function (MIG/TIG weld, paint, laser...) and follow a path and turn off the function. These functions will have a big tolerance in path accuracy (about 0.1mm) and normally travel between 40 and 90 cm/min. Your program is moving so slow and so little between points the end result will be noticeably less accurate.

    Yes there is a small delay every time the tool changes (the processor has to do the math to plot the net point with the new tool).

    You can try turning on the PL tag in the MOVL lines.

    Head office is in Ohio. You'd have to call them to see if they do training in the LA office.

    The UP50 is an XRC controller. This is four generations old now and I don't think the Ohio office does XRC any more. The only office I know of that has a working XRC is in Canada.

    You could take an NX100 basic course, the concept of driving and programming is the same. The big difference is the XRC was the last generation to not have a touch screen.

    You have to be really careful with the revisions of boards. Some times it's nothing, the manufacturer changed a fuse type or how the circuit is routed... Other times it's a major change that needs software to support or NPN vs PNP I/O...

    The best thing to do is call Yaskawa and ask before you swap cards. Phone advice is always free at Yaskawa.

    The robot is configured as a dual. With the XRC series of robots, both controllers need to be powered on at the same time. You should run the power to the two controllers from one main disconnect and leave the controller power switches in the on position.

    Could be you have a cable in the wrong position or port. The previous owners could have swapped boards around and with the XRC, there is software on the WRCA and main CPU that must match. The best thing to do is have a service tech come in to check it over and see if they can get it running.

    If you want to separate the two robots, you will need a teach pendant for what is R2 now, hoping someone left the playback box in R2 and all the I/O parts that are normally stripped out of R2 in a dual. And yes you need to initialize both robots making them singles. You will need a service tech to do this.

    Backups will not help you. The robot has to boot with no alarms or errors to get the communication to work to load a backup. You will need to initialize the robot to get it to boot with no alarms before you can load the backup in.

    If you have no I/O or no control of I/O on an MRC II, the MI010 board is bad and needs to be replaced or the rack is bad and it needs to be replaced. Either way it's dead and you need a new robot.

    Why did you have to initialize the robot in the first place?