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    Fuse 4 on the NTU is for 24 volts. There is a short in the 24 volt system. This can be the pendant, pendant cable, any I/O wired to the robot, the servo on light, shock sensor, over travel limit switch....

    Any alarm beginning with a "9" is a user alarm. You will have to look at the logic that makes this alarm come up and try and fix the problem that is causing the alarm.

    Any time you get a Yaskawa robot with the "Smart Pendant" (or not-so smart pendant) you should buy or get at least one regular pendant for your plant. There are lots of things you can not do with the smart pendant. If you have a regular pendant you can swap the pendants (with the power off) do the changes and put the smart pendant back (once again with the power off).

    Yes you can change a NIF01 to a NIF02.

    First thing to do is call your Yaskawa representative to come in and change the board for you. They will need to initialize the robot and load SOME things back in, other things you have to set manually.

    The picture of the robot are is of a K6SB ERC robot.

    You will have to replace the encoders on the motors. The ERC robots not only use a proprietary communication, but a proprietary communication initialization to wake the encoder up and start talking. Without this the encoder stays off.

    Don't be surprised if some of the axis move when you turn the servo power off. This robot only had brakes on the L and U axis, so it's not very safe.

    First of all FDE for windows is updated on a regular basis. It works on Windows 10 with no problems. So, yes the original software is 20 years old, but with that mind set so is Windows IOS and Android.

    Second of all you are trying to work on a robot that was discontinued 15 years ago, so the software by your account is almost as old as your robot.

    Third, why not put the CF card in your robot and leave it there. You can do your backups when you want, no one has to open a door and put in or take out a card. This way no one loads the wrong backup from the network to the wrong robot.

    The power requirements for a XRC are 208 volts three phase four wire. This means the center tap of the source voltage must be bonded to the frame of the controller. Most XRC robots come with a multi tap transformer (575/480/340) to 208. This transformer is wound Delta/Wye. The secondary (wound Wye) will have a center tap that MUST be bonded to the controller ground.

    As you are working in your home, I hope you have three phase power. Most homes are single phase (two hot and one neutral).

    XRC robots do not like inverter power as a source.

    All parts for XRC are no longer being manufactured. You need the XCP02 with the software for the sensor function and a service person to install and activate it for you.

    Last I looked, there are no more XCP02 cards and most Yaskawa service departments will not touch this.

    CIO is not something simple that can be explained in an email or post. CIO is an open architecture PLC in an octal system. Anything connected to the robot is an external input or output. Anything in the robot is either universal input/output or specific inputs/outputs.

    Input 54 will have an internal address of #00075 You need to map this to an external output (the address will start with a 3). You will need to know what address you want to map this to. After you have this you need to find the address in the CIO and make sure it's not in a group. If it's in a group you need to unpack the group to be able to edit the bit.

    Do you see what I mean by this is complicated?

    Alarm 0202 and 0203 are servo not ready. This can be the servo packs or the servo control card.

    I have seen this when cards have been changed and the software did not match.

    Back in the day, the engineering team in Japan read the rule "separate and deliberate action" and thought this applied to changing to play mode, so they made the play mode enable button on robots going to North America. After much yelling and screaming there was a software update that made this an option and added the ability to activate by an input. So some robots (that come from Europe or Asia) don't have this button and some robots near the end of the production run of NX100 don't have this button.

    Buying used robots is like buying a used car. The sales guy will tell you "like new" and "only driven to church on Sundays", anything to make a sale.