Best Off-line programming software

  • Hi all,

    Good day. I was looking Offline Programming Software. Had a few recommendations.

    But i was wondering which is the best for the expert here who have used one. this are the software that was recommended to me.

    RoboDK, SprutCam, Robotmaster, Octupuz.

    I would like to know which is better for all the existing application and maybe for new RnD projects. and for all types of robots.

    mainly at least for the known robotic arms now kuka, abb, fanuc yaskawa. those stuff.

    thank you in advance.

  • I second that Process Simulate is one of the most advanced options out there.

    But it has a big caveat: PS isn't a single software package. Depending on what You want to do, You will need extra licenses, and what is already expensive would become finnancially unpratical.

    So, if You decide to go through this path, You need to have a clear roadmap of Your needs, to make the right quotations. Otherwise, you will have an incomplete software, and every week You will discover that You need a new license to use certain features.

    There is a joke in the field where people say that each button on PS interface require it's own license.

  • To be fair, it's not like Delmia is much better. Really, the entire Simulation side of the industry is ripe for some enterprising startup to make a really disruptive entry, with a lower-cost alternative that doesn't have all the legacy baggage of the Big Dogs.

  • nope but ... not surprised, really could use some serious polishing...

    As I understand it, KSS and KRL were created by Siemens for KUKA back during the KRC32 days, if not earlier (KUKA controllers back then were basically Siemens CNC controllers with some different software layers). And under the license agreement, KUKA has to pay Siemens a cut for each KSS delivered.

    Siemens is also rather (in)famous for not cleaning up their software, or being responsive to customer requests, so KSS has mostly just had features added over time, without any really serious improvements or advances (the biggest jump being from KSS 5.x to KSS 8.x).

    To be fair, I'm not sure KUKA was willing to pay for what a major overhaul would have cost. There also appear to be some issues with VxWorks, although whether the root is technological or financial is an open question.

    Sunrise was, AIUI, supposed to "free" KUKA from Siemens, but it ended up having a much longer and rockier development path than Augsburg expected.

  • Yeah Sunrise failed to deliver its targets over and over again. Hence development is stopped now afaik. Turns out that basically Siemens base was not that bad at all and reimplementing all the hundreds of features from KSS into Sunrise not that easy. But lets not dig into deep in this matter because some of my former colleagues at KUKA would probably stone my for this. Let's be happy we know have IIQKA which of course solves all these issues and is linux based to get rid of VxWorks :winking_face: .

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