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    Which version of VMWare are you using? I have discovered the hard way that my OLs didn't work on versions 16 and up, so I am sticking to the latest 15.

    Interesting comment, dexterv

    i've noticed some problems here after upgrading VMware Player to 15.5.

    In the next days I'm planning downgrade to 14.0 and see what happens.

    markopo , by the device name shown on video (kaclav110010r01sk-1k), I suppose it is a VKRC robot.

    This is a regular Bosch controller, or a Kombi steurung?

    Volkswagen has a very detailed document explaining how to configure ProfiNet bus according to their standards.

    So, If You followed those steps, I would recommend to take a look tha the GSDML version, and also in the I/O mapping.

    I remember some colleagues having problems because they mapped the signals as bits, and not as bytes.

    I don't know what it's real purpose, but is PARAM EDITMASK is used on VKRC robots, and I suppose it is a way to inform VSS what a user can or can't do on that specific program.

    VKRC has a strict program naming convention.

    So regular users can only create/manipulate programs named Folge(n), UPs or Makros, where the first is like a main program, the middle is a subprogram, and the later is somewhat a function (doesn't return values, but You can't put movement instructions inside).

    These names can be only appended by a number suffix, like Folge1, UP99 and Makro0. On a VKRC, if You put a module named, lets say, Prog01, compiler will complain and give You a red cross.

    There are some special makros, like MakroTrigger, MakroSPS and MakroSAW.

    VKRC robots also have VW_User, a meta thecnology package containing VW (not so) secret sauce. You can be more creative naming programs inside VW_USer area, but integrators shouldn't touch these programs, unless under very special circumstances.

    So, a header from a VKRC4 folge is like this

    1. &ACCESS RVO1
    2. &REL 39
    3. &COMMENT VWxxx
    4. &PARAM DISKPATH = KRC:\R1\Folgen
    5. &PARAM TEMPLATE = C:\KRC\Roboter\Template\vorgabe
    6. &PARAM TPVW_VERSION = 8.1.8
    7. &PARAM EDITMASK = Folge999[1-999]

    A header from a UP

    1. &ACCESS RVO1
    2. &REL 46
    3. &COMMENT VWxxx
    5. &PARAM TEMPLATE = C:\KRC\Roboter\Template\upvorgabe
    6. &PARAM TPVW_VERSION = 8.1.8
    7. &PARAM EDITMASK = Up999[1-999]

    The header fom a regular Makro (Makro50)

    1. &ACCESS RVP2
    2. &REL 1
    4. &PARAM TEMPLATE = C:\KRC\Roboter\Template\makrovorgabe.src
    5. &PARAM TPVW_VERSION = 8.1.8
    6. &PARAM EDITMASK = Makro999[0-999]

    The header from MakroSPS, a special cyclic makro (acts like a .sub)

    1. &ACCESS RVO1
    2. &REL 18
    4. &PARAM TEMPLATE = C:\KRC\Roboter\Template\makrospsvorgabe.src
    5. &PARAM TPVW_VERSION = 8.1.8

    And, finally, the header fom a VW_USER file (vw_usr_r.src)

    1. &ACCESS R
    2. &COMMENT LA_KS24.06.015_VW
    3. &PARAM DISKPATH = VW_User
    4. &PARAM EDITMASK = vw_usr_r
    5. &PARAM TPVW_VERSION = 8.1.8
    6. &REL 438

    Is it just for this reason ? Because I installed it on W7 before and it worked. It also has a simple setup, what could I have done wrong, do you have any ideas about that ?

    Do You really need WoV 5.0.4? If isn't a a client demmand, You can try 5.0.10, that can be downloaded from KUKA site.

    Hey, kwakisaki .

    I would like to know, for example, if Ford Kawasaki differ from standard Kawasaki in any significative ammount, like Toyota ones. Does it have custom menus, instructions and so on? Or the standard is only a convention for program and signal naming?

    Hi, people.

    I know a huge spreadsheet with lots of tabs containing signal tables and all sorts of information, but I'm wondering if other supplementary material does exist.

    I would appreciate If someone have docs/backups/ or anything else related to Kawasaki Ford standard that could be shared with me.

    Let's say I'm investigating a situation, so I cannot ask Ford directly for this material, yet.


    Features I would like to sea on future versions of COMAU WinCRC.

    WinCRC is the newest generation of Windows interface programs. Previously we had WinC5G/WinR1C, WinC4G and Win PCint (for C3G+ controllers), if I recall correclty.

    Althought WinCRC is a very handy tool, I would like to see some minor changes/improvements on it.

    - Syntax Highlighting: nothing fancy, but I would like to see at least the comments, and most inportant, commented instructions, on a diferrente color.

    - Less instances, more tabs: Every time I click on a WinCRC associated file from Windows Explorer, it opens on a differente instance of WinCRC, and, depending of the workflow, these instances tend to swarm the desktop. I see many cases where is better open differente files on different instances, but I also see some situations where is better maintain all files opened on the same instance. So would be great to see a setup option, or a context menu option, for example, that permit user to decide what is the best way to work.

    - Remembering paths: WinCRC has a built-in file explorer, but every time we need to open it, we need to browse our way to desired files again and again. Would be very helpful if the file explorer remember the last session.

    Looking at the contents of Your am.ini, looks like You have a VKRC backup. And VW demands very specific versions of WoV to be used on their projects. Consult the electrical planning responsible for this project about the right version to this project.

    About Your questions:

    Q#1: Yes, it is

    Q#2: On Your backup, go through C/KRC/Roboter/Config/User/Common and open KRC_IO.xml file. On the header of the file, You will see something like XML automatically generated by WokVisual <Version>. If You had WoV 4.0 or above installed on Your computer, on Windows Explorer You can also right-click on WoV project and select "Information" option. A window with some handy information will appear.

    Q#3: from WoV 4.0 and above, You can have one major version installed side by side with other major versions. So You can go to KUKA download site and install WoV 4.0.31, 5.0.10 and 6.0.6. Beside that, from version 5.0 You can also install "portable" versions os WoV, so You can have 5.0.10 installed on Your computer, and 5.0.5 and 5.0.7 installed as portable versions, but... You can only run an instance a time. So if You plan to open two or more instances of WoV, You will need to use a virtual machine or some other workaround.

    I remember older KRC2 (the ones with Win95) have USB ports on PC, but they were disabled by default, and You need to install an external driver to make it work.

    But I'm not sure KRC1 controllers have USB ports.

    The best option would swap the floppy disk drive with one of that Floppy To USB adapters.

    I've saw a robot using this DLIN motion some time ago and it really looks faster. But it need KSS 8.5 and ConveyorTech 7.

    Correcting myself, ConveyorTech 7.1 runs only on KSS 8.5 or above, but ConveyorTech 7.0 is KSS 8.3 compatible and have DLIN motion.