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    Although I have my own list of WoV "unfeatures", I never stumbled on this particular condition.

    But it is good to know.

    I'm on a side project where I'm developing all KRL code, signal mapping, signal naming and so on inside WoV.

    The idea is send this WoV project to be deployed by a colleague who is on the field, so he, in theory, should only touch up the points and make some minor debugging.

    If something go strange after the deploy, I know what we can try.

    RenarsIT , if You are already in a VW plant, I advise You to ask the docs to Electrical Planning techniciana of Your project.

    VASS Roboter Standard has small updates from project to project, and the best course is work with the docs regarding to Your specific project.

    But If You want just take look, drop me a message.

    Just a tip:

    Regarding VKRC4, and VW robots in general, is better consult VASS documentation (including their musterprojekts) than the manufacturers documentation.

    This Automatic External sequence, for example, isn't a thing an integrator normally shoud care, since most of times it already came configured from KUKA.

    Take a look at the WorkVisual project bundled inside VASS documentation. And ask You PLC friend to look at PLC (TIA Portal?) musterprojekt as well.

    Hello, chickenkiller.

    The examples I gave on my last post were for a VKRC4.

    Althought I'm didn't touched a VKRC4 on last months, this list You posted here doesn't look like a standard VASS mapping.

    Take a look at KS_TEIL_5_1_01_ROB-SLAVE_BASIC.xlsm document (picture attached).

    If all of Your signals are ok, You should check with the PLC programmer what signals she/he is expectingg to send Folge Start to robot.

    We normally doesn't need to tamper with $config.dat to configure Automatic External signals.

    To access Your Automatic External configuration, on SmartPad You go to

    Konfiguration > Ein-/Ausgange > Automatik Extern and configure Your signals from there

    On Automatic Extern picture, You will see the configs from a VKRC4 running Roboter Standard KS26

    If You are asking about brand specific simulators, I agree with hz69.

    None of the competitors can beat RobotStudio today.


    It is specific to ABB robots. You can't simulate or generate KUKA code with it, for example.

    I think specific simulators worth only when You have big assignments with lots of robots from the same brand.

    On the other hand, there are a lot brand agnostic simulators out there, that enable You to program/simulate the most known robot brands.

    I work with Process Simulate, that is a very powerful (and expensive) tool. But, sincerely, I think it is somewhat overkill on some situations.

    I'm always looking at RoboDK.

    Some years ago, someone start compiling this kind of software on a topic here in the forum, but looks like the post is gone, now.

    NACHI robots are mostly programmed via teach pendant, as far I can tell.

    You can convert robot programs to ASCII format, edit them on laptop, and upload them to the robot again.

    They have a simulator, called FD on Desk, but it isn't very user friendly, and there isn't a real PC interface, like ABB RobotStudio.

    I only (barely) know TOYOTA NACHIS, and they have some customizations. I don't konw if a vanilla NACHI would be better or worst, in this regard.

    As a curiosity side note, NACHI is among the few Japanese manufacturers that use the SLIM robot programming language, as proposed by Japanese Industrial Standards Association.

    Hi, chickenkiller

    Warte auf folgenstart means PLC isn't sending You E9 (SRB) signal.

    At first, I can presume some causes for this (considering Your robot is using VASS standard).

    Robot isnt sending A15 (PF0 / Home Position) signal to PLC.

    Robot isn't sending A16 (BCO/SAK reached) signal to PLC

    Robot isn't mirroring received folge number to PLC

    SAK and Folgen Number handshake (R_FBIT) are generated automatically, since they are properly configured on Automatic External section.

    But PF0 must be programmed on every first line, of every folgen (not UPs), before Warte auf Folgenstart instruction

    1. PTP VB=100% VE=0% ACC=100% RobWzg=1 Base=0 SPSTrig=0[1/100s] P
    2.     1: A15 = EIN
    3.     2:SPSMAKRO0 = EIN
    4. Warte auf Folgenstart

    Problem is with Your SmartHMI.user.config file.

    It probably gone corrupt after last WoV project deploying.


    Now You said, I remember a colleague's computer where VMware and VirtualBox ddid't work if both tools were installed. But when he uninstall one, the other worked. And when he uninstalled the later and reinstalled the former, other software worked as well.

    People, I've just installed OL 4.1.7 on a VirtualBox Windows XP virtual machine running on a Ubuntu 16.04 host and it worked like a charm.

    So, I'm guessing three reasons to Your malfunctioning OL, Affaltar

    a) The installer

    b) Do You have any other software installed on Your VM? OL has some incompatibilities issues with other software, mainly Siemens Step7.

    c) This shouldn't affect 32 bits virtual machines, but I think You could check it as well: what is the CPU of Your computer? Intel and AMD have a virtualization technology that should be enabled at BIOS. This normally affects only 64 bits virtual machines, running newer OSES, but maybe You can take a look at this setting, also.


    Newer versions (KRC4) runs only on VMWare, because they are delivered this way.

    But older versions of OL can run on VirtualBox VMs. I already used this way.

    About offsets:

    On VKRC4, you achieve this through VW-User instructions, like Rel-Bewegung.

    I think newer VASS releases have more options.

    What is the VSS of Your robot? And what version o Roboter Standard you are using?

    On VKRC4, you achieve this through VW-User instructions, like Rel-Bewegung.

    I think newer VASS releases have more options.

    What is the VSS of Your robot? And what version o Roboter Standard you are using?


    older versions of OfficeLite normally run under XP virtual machines with no hassle.

    I've saw this particular error when people try to install KSS directly on Windows.

    Do You have another OL installer?

    WoV 6.0 still has some problems handling older projects, so I don't recommend it in this situation.

    Best way is check what WoV version was used to compile and deploy the project on You KRC4, and try to use the same version.

    You can to this looking at the header of KRC_IO.xml, for example, where You will find something like this:

    1. <!--
    2. XML file automatically generated by WorkVisual V4.0.28_Build0451.
    3. -->
    4. <!--DO NOT EDIT-->

    You can also try WoV 4.0.31 (available to download from KUKA site). You can install it in parallel with WoV 5.0 and WoV 6.0.