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    Do I need to modify KLI IP address to match system bus network?

    do not modify anything until you have proper backup and have clear understanding what the terminology is and what the outcome can be.

    do not modify internal subnets. do not assign to KLI settings that fall into reserved subnets. failure to observe this can make system bricked and unless you have USB recovery stick and good backup, you will be stuck.

    check pinned topic READ FIRST

    you should follow advice...

    it was already suggested to read READ FIRST...

    and reason it was suggested is not just to make you read something but to follow it..

    it explains how the screenshot should look like. it should be full screen, not part of it. it should be processed (scaled, rotated etc.) by YOU....

    it also tells to read all messages and observe timestamps as order matters and many messages are result of others, hence you need to find the root, where it all started...

    judging by the scrollbar in the lower right corner, there are more (earlier) messages that you did not share...

    and yes, i see that robot has unmastered axes... that is always a red flag. but it is not PM6... if that was the problem, you would not be able to move any axis.

    how is that? please elaborate...

    Interlocking is there to prevent machines from entering wrong space or doing something that may interfere with process or other machines. This uses control signals (not safety rated signals) Negligence and mistakes here may cost $$ if hardware gets damaged. Usually that is cheap tooling that gets easily replaced. There is no legal obligation to save your own property and choose to create expendable tooling.

    SafeOperation like any safety circuit is there to protect humans if they decide to wander into dangerous spaces where machines are working. This is done with safety (control reliable) signals. Clearly this uses higher standard as negligence and mistakes here may cost one person life or limb and send someone else to prison. Of course one may choose to use this to protect tooling or machines too if risks could cause significant costs but point is that mentioned two cases are not the same.

    of course, because it depends where in SPS.SUB you add it...

    if you put it before LOOP or after ENDLOOP, it will not have effect.

    as already stated this should be added in correct place like USER fold... (which is inside LOOP-ENDLOOP)

    not sure what are exe and axe or even what KSS you have there...

    so, please consider reading READ FIRST

    newer KSS versions have SPLINE support and some interesting support instructions. one very handy instruction for interlocking is "stop onstart..."

    this way you can have wait for interlock and still avoid advance run stop when it is ok to enter some zone, something like:


    replicating such functionality (more or less) with older instruction set and legacy motions would require some tinkering. new instruction set makes this easy.

    it is unclear how the "TCP follows blue line". do you use tool orientation? how? what is the tool orientation? normal to what? in 3D space there are three mutually normal vectors.

    if you programmed blue path correctly (using correct tool orientation) then changing TCP will allow you to follow green line. there is also tool correction used in hemming. whichever way you look at it you need to keep track of correct tool orientation.

    it is not enough to have the laser perpendicular to plane where the contour is, it should be also rotated along the path too... if not, you need to create more complex transform and recalculate points.

    please read pinned topic READ FIRST and add some details...

    mention KSS and SerGun option versions, why and when the parameter change is needed etc.

    i have seen cells where robot had tool changer and more than one servogun - completely different ( different brand, type, scaling...). it does not matter which gun was picked up at the time, it would still be the same axis but different settings would be used so different setup is clearly possible.

    zero position can be changed by coupling procedure and assigning new position value.

    but question is why would something like that even be needed in your case...

    for example servogun functionality includes tip dressing which adjusts for wear of the electrodes so i an not quite sure what you are really trying to do.

    one could assign new value to axis (if configured accordingly):

    $async_axis = 'B0001'
    $async_ex_ax_decouple = 'B0001'
    wait for ($async_ex_ax_decouple=='B0001')
    $axis_act.E1=0 ;set actual position is 0
    Wait for ($axis_act.E1==0.0)
    $async_ex_ax_decouple = 'B0000'
    wait for ($async_ex_ax_decouple=='B0000')
    $async_axis = 'B0000'

    then use Google Translate or post in Portugese section of the forum...

    other Languages

    when making screenshot, ensure it covers entire screen.

    also take screenshot of ALL messages, not just the most recent one that is on top of the screen.

    many messages are simply result of other, previous messages.

    state KSS version nd explain the problem.

    does the system function or not? is the only issue inconvenience that unfamiliar message shows up or it causes stop?

    how frequently it occurs?

    let me type this very slowly : what.. is ...your... light ..curtain... model?

    each country has own standards and regulations. are we supposed to guess?

    in Canada machine guarding directive is CSA Z432

    robotic safety standard is CSA Z434


    light curtains have different resolutions. spacing of beams is NOT the same. if you are using light curtain 2m away from hazard, chances are that is not going to be finger-safe model ...