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    did you try different ethernet cable?

    are you sure your network settings are correct? for example when IP address is ok but subnet mask does not match, this is not ok and weird things can happen.

    are you sure there are no other conflicts (duplicate nodes on the network etc.)

    did you check your task manager? anything hogging resources?

    did you try shutting down anything that may interfere (antivirus etc.)?

    That is not Kuka version of the D1688 as you suggested.

    And still That does not answer my questions.

    What is the drive you have exactly!?

    How is it connected to motherboard?

    If using wrong motherboard, drivers likely do not include additional hardware features. So you would have to have correct driver installed explicitly or use inline converter (external hardware) that does not need drivers.

    here is an example of reading entire message buffer:

    DECL INT msg_count
    DECL msgbuf_t mb[100] 


    notification messages are not managed in the message buffer (because message buffer only has capacity for 100 messages). both user and system messages are listed, however texts of system messages are not included here since they are language specific.

    to get texts of those messages check robot folder C:\KRC\Help\

    for example English messages are in C:\KRC\Help\en\Messages

    i never used this and - never saw anyone else use it either...

    one of the problems is that this can only work if one uses EXT mode (module P00 is used by CELL.SRC). also it requires you to make changes in anticipation of some specific error. to me this is useless. if something in your project keeps faulting, this is not something to be deployed anyway.

    for me it is far more interesting is to see actual messages displayed on teach pendant, regardless if program is selected or not and regardless what operating mode is presently active.

    for that, there are few options. one of them is to simply read entire message buffer. another is to identify specific message using ISMESSAGESET(msg_no). KUKA also has option for this called KrMsgNet

    the commands to select start stop and cancel program are well documented and work as expected. however, this should take some consideration because simply ending program from an asynchronous task could end up with robot not on path and requiring recovery. normally such recovery is a manual process since it can be risky (risk of collision) unless carefully planned. it may be better to react to the input in the program itself and let program end in a controlled way while staying on programmed path. this should be always simpler to accomplish.

    vérifier le sujet épinglé LIRE EN PREMIER,

    il serait utile de connaître la version KSS et si le MADA correct est utilisé.

    le message que vous mentionnez n'est qu'un accusé de réception. il devrait y avoir des messages supplémentaires. peut-être poster des captures d'écran de tous les messages dans le bon ordre (avec horodatage)

    well... obviously message cannot be too specific and you seem to take it literally (too literally).

    message point to an effect and not the cause of the problem. it tells that problem is detected in some circuit but it cannot identify individual circuit components that have failed. so thyristor may not be the one (or only one) component that needs replacement. and if actual cause is not removed you can continue blowing up things...

    i have seen this error only once. in this case E1 motor was connected incorrectly to amplifier in KPP1. user was able to mate motor cable connector with motor in wrong orientation... once the initial misaligned orientation was set, it was no detectable difference during tightening connector. this created short circuit and KPP was destroyed. guess what happens if KPP is replaced without correcting wiring.

    but this may not be your scenario, maybe some KSP is damaged and that resulted in KPP taking hit too.

    simply swapping drives may leave you with bunch of damaged units and not cure problem. it is up to training and experience of technician to determine and remove real problem cause.

    that would be a good start. there is no single answer or solution as problem description leaves too many things out. was this working before or not? if it was, what changed? it could be something subtle like picture out of focus, camera was moved slightly so size or scaling appears different or rotation is a bit different. how far is score from passing limit?