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    With all logical operands and some hints? Classical KUKA's manual is very flat and primitive...

    never heard of term "logical operand".

    i guess you mean "logical operator"...

    there are only three basic ones so... there is not much to it.

    and... they are not something specific to KRL, they are essentials that qualify as general computing concepts.…NOTES/chap03/logical.html

    but that is just the basics. it explains what to expect when writing logical expressions.

    logical expressions only evaluate some state(s) at bit level. we are talking about: AND, OR, EXOR, NOT

    this is extremely useful and it is a key to any sort of programming but to truly unlock the program power is to apply same thing to groups of bits.

    and not just to evaluate but to manipulate values.

    this is where instructions B_NOT, B_AND, B_OR, B_EXOR come in.

    so... what exactly trips you?

    Firewall does not assign IP addresses, it blocks unauthorized traffic.

    DHCP server assigns IP addresses to nodes seeking one.

    I am not sure why would one choose to use DHCP here... but i would run WireShark to see what is going on.

    My guess is that nodes do not have correct addresses assigned on time so when KRC (and EKI client) tries to connect to server, connection times out.

    this is why it all works if KRC is rebooted - everything else is ready (already up and running)

    >> Is there a way to "hack" the KRC in order to allow switching between control modes without the teach pendant? Maybe using external PLC for that?

    Probably, after all this is something created by humans, not passed down from some alien civilisation. Someone did some pretty interesting things with stuxnet too...

    Question is is this is reasonable or worth the effort...

    >> We have the KRC4 compact controller and for some reason after power fault (not related to the robot, power supply was cut due to some reason) the robot from time to time changed mode from EXT to T1. Since we do not work with the teach pendant and the access to the robot is limited, we wish to be able to switch back to EXT mode without reconnecting the teach pendant, which is later disconnected and robot needs to be restarted in order to work again without teach pendant.

    Are you maintaining your robot? Are batteries connected and in good shape? What is the KSS version? Did you send KRCDiag to Kuka Support to check it out?

    >There are 8 cables for the teach pendant - 2 for power, 2 apparently for the E-button ?(X40 on the board) and 4 for network connection (X42).

    Is the signal for the manual key rotation sent as a network packet? is there a way to send it via the maintenance network connection instead of the teach pendant?

    not exactly , there is one cable to smartPad and it has eight conductors:

    two of them are power (X306)

    two of them are circuit telling if smartPad is connected (X407)

    and the remaining 4 are EtherCat (X42, KSB)

    all signals are exchanged over the EtherCat (KSB). This includes any information displayed on smartPad, data services for USB port(s), safety signals for EStop, enabling switch, mode selector switch, etc. replicating this using some hack is very likely to be a daunting task, as everything here is proprietery (not disclosed) and reverse engineering would require skills (a lot of specialized knowledge) and possibly luck.

    Hence practical solution is to not disconnect smartPad or ... keep connecting it as needed.

    velocity does not make much of a difference on a SHORT move....

    on a sufficiently long move, even with very low acceleration, high velocity can be reached... eventually....!

    what makes big difference when trying to reach significant velocity in short time is ... acceleration.

    by definition acceleration is change of velocity in time. if you want change velocity in short time you need large acceleration.

    if robot is passing though or near singularity, speeds is going to suffer

    1. did you check voltages and all connections?

    2. you connected fast measure signal... (continuously on)... and THEN tried to boot up and read it. fast signal inputs may be edge sensitive and the hardware may simply be waiting for FALSE level first... so leave variable monitor at continuous refresh and open/close circuit 1-2

    3. you did not connect X305 (battery). there could be number of odd things happening if trying to configure system without battery connected. for example it can happen that KLI does not respond even to a PING. always connect batteries and THEN configure system. this is not the same as battery running low AFTER system is configured. order matters.

    4. please post attachments here rather than linking them to external site. this makes navigation smoother and avoids broken links.

    working with OfficeLite is like working with real KRC4.... everything is VERY realistic.

    you can use any robot - just change configuration using WoV, save as new project, deploy/activate.

    i am constantly switching between robots as each project is different.

    OL (OfficeLite) is convenient since portable - it is software that installs on your computer but since there is no hardware, you cannot use certain options like fieldbus (EtherentIP or ProfiNet) though you can use EthernetKRL, OPC etc and many other options. Also one can run more than one OL instance at the same time if needed.

    OPS (Offline Programming Station) is a hardware - a desktop PC using authentic KRC4 motherboard etc. This means it is a bit more expensive and not as portable as OfficeLite but... you can use Fieldbus for example, you can conveniently swap in/ out HDD from a real KRC4.

    Re: Questions about offline programming

    Both OL and OPS allow you to add external axes too. Both run same KSS that is on real KRC4. in fact you can upgrade/downgrade KSS as long as you stick with same major version (must match OL version). I am using OL 8.5 so any KSS 8.5 is fine. It came as 8.5.4 if i remember then i was upgrading it as i pleased. Currently running 8.5.8.

    From operational point of view this is indistinguishable from using smartPad except:

    * Mode selection is done using ComboBox (pull down list).

    * Enabling switch is a button in upper right corner.

    * There is no Safety Configuration

    * There is no real motors so no current (hence cannot monitor torque)

    * StatusKeys (4 user buttons on the lower left) work fine with all tech options but cannot be tested using function IS_KEY_PRESSED()

    Yes you can do your own visualisation. I have done many things like position display that sits by the jog keys but 3D version is ... in the works.

    Currently getting data and animating 4 of 6 axes. one of these days i will have some time to play with it and add other two, then get nicer looking robot model than square rods... oh well... no time for hobby

    Here is a small preview if you like:

    it means that your system has hardware, software or configuration problem.

    what is the SunriseOS version? how did it end up in this state? did it happen after project deployed with WB? that would indicate software or configuration problem.

    i see that MediaFlange and Group I/O are red so i would guess not qualified person tried to change things on the robot. Many things could be wrong but when working with SunriseOS it is important to use correct/compatible tool versions (WB, WoV), make sure that required patches are applied, correct version of options are installed, proper backups are made - before any change. Only then one may consider making changes and deploying...

    SimPro includes OfficeLite and $12k or so is about right.

    OfficeLite alone (without SimPro) is maybe 10-15% of that price.

    This still allows you to do programming, debugging etc but you don't see robot arm in 3D, only position values as if you are looking at teach pendant

    i noticed the same in the OfficeLite8x. did not dwell much on it but it seems that time is initialized only on boot and if controller enters sleep state or hibernation, it simply continues counting.