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    Hi Gents, good day.

    Robot is running fine and we are using it for testing the simulation for 2weeks now. then suddenly it stops and the same error of Enabling switch time-out. happens to our robot while running at automatic mode. after clearing the error its ok now but we still yet to know what is the reason for the error.

    its a KRC4 KR30-3 with 2 axis DKP400.

    thank you in advance.


    Hello Everyone,

    i was wondering if anyone here have work with the Air Skin pad for KUKA? since its weekend i was just trying my luck to get the cost and delivery time if anyone is here from Air Skin.

    i have an inquiry with them but havent got a respond to them. just trying to get it fast. this is their website for reference.

    thank you in advance

    in our situation we are actually only looking at a simulation software that can generate a robot program where we can add IO inline or edit the postprocessor based on what we needed just like for welding on/off, bending, 3d printers or material handling with gripper on/off and wait sgnals. just for making things easier rather than doing it the old ways of manual programming.

    Hi all,

    Good day. I was looking Offline Programming Software. Had a few recommendations.

    But i was wondering which is the best for the expert here who have used one. this are the software that was recommended to me.

    RoboDK, SprutCam, Robotmaster, Octupuz.

    I would like to know which is better for all the existing application and maybe for new RnD projects. and for all types of robots.

    mainly at least for the known robotic arms now kuka, abb, fanuc yaskawa. those stuff.

    thank you in advance.

    try to monitor you apo during the program run. im guessing the this might change after running home sub prg and tool change sub prg. if thats the case then try to change the location of you apo after the tool change.

    Had the same issue of buffer overflow when we were working on robotic Air Hockey .

    We used rsi and a krc4 agilus.

    we did 2 things to fix it.

    1. we clear the buffer after receiving a data. (which i dont know how to do it on krc2)

    2. from C# code we are limiting the sent data. its either the the first point or the last point detected from the camera.(robot is runs at full speed).

    Notepad++ and OrangeEdit specially if you are doing online programming and you need to do some change like mirror or copying, adjustments of points or bases and adding inline forms. OrangeEdit is also shows how its going to look like in the smartpad. Really helpful for me. Wov is a must if you need configuration.

    Try this.










    just always have fail safe on all your programs.

    hope this helps you

    Hi Panic mode,

    this would be my other option to make the production faster.

    is there a way that i can limit the robot KL limits on the src program? for safety.

    i was thinking of making the same reference points for both robot then i will add that variable

    to my postp when it writes the toolpath.

    can i use the softlimit variable on src?or just workspace limits?

    Hi everyone,

    We have KRC2 KR210 L150-2K with 15meter Linear rail milling application. we used it for molds and parts machining.

    so if we have big parts to be machine we rotate the table and the same reference origin.

    Now we are planning to get the same robot to work side by side together on 1 make the process faster.

    i know that there will be a mismatch issue on this it can be a linear or tilt.

    is there a way to fix that issue or anyone have work on like this before? or to make the robot mill on the same level.

    i attached a photo for reference.

    thank you.

    :uglyhammer2: :uglyhammer2: :uglyhammer2: :uglyhammer2:

    Forgive my ignorance.

    I've used PowerMILL but know nothing of Kuka CNC.

    Is it anything like KRL or CamROB?

    i think camrob is for krc2 and kuka.cnc for krc4.if im not mistaken.
    we have these kind of system. good thing about using kuka.cnc youll get get a better result compare to krl.
    coz gcode=interpolates. krl=approximates.
    and with kuka.cnc youll get almost unlimited memory space for code since it uses drive c:.
    you can used your powermill to generate gcodes. you need someone to create a postprocessor.
    and to configure the kuka.cnc on your robot specially if you have external axis.

    does running of a program from delcam robot power mill requires kuka cnc to be installed on a kuka robot.
    .no. it doesnt requires kuka.cnc. you can write a full krl program.
    What are the formats used for programming.
    .without kuka.cnc it should be 2 files. .src and .dat

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