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    Also very important logs for diagnosing crashes are the files inside the POSLOG folder. The controller automatically stores information on system state when certain events happen. Events could be e.g. emergency breaks, pushing the deadman switch, certain messages, ... . The files can be opened with a Internet browser and show a lot of useful information like commanded and actual positions, program points, ... .. The Event occurs when the time stamp is zero and you can go back right into the past following the negative integer time stamps. Since there is a limited amount of files from the past you should have a KRCdiag taken right when the problem occurred because KRCDiags archives those files.

    Back at KUKA we usually used these files to analyse crashes. More than once we were able to show that not the system but bad programming or crashing the robot in manual mode where the reasons though customers stated otherwise.


    And how do you hope to handle SPOC? All you can do is use the specified automatic external interface.

    If you do not need to deselect the interpreter you might be able to stop the robot by setting $OV_PRO to zero using a signal and then restart by restoring its value.


    Probably it takes to much time to calculate the necessary motion commands in advance run. I see 3 possible solutions:

    1) Reduce the number of points

    2) Try to calculate all the destination points of your sptp in an array before the loop. Might not be sufficient but you could try.

    3) If you already know you need exactly a fixed amount of points for your helical, calculate them all in advance as in 2) and than put them all in a ptp splineblock. Then the whole block is treated as a single motion command and no approximation is needed. If cycle time is important, this also allows higher velocities. Hence this would be my preferred solution.


    Thanks Panic. I do not think this discussion needs a follow up. How are we supposed to help this way.

    Yep. Both false. So definitely no Roboteam. In the Workvisual folder on you hard disk you should find a file WorkVisual.log it should have more info on the exact problem of the Roboteam WorkVisual plugin. My guess would be your option.dat is missing a variable or it contains a variable that the roboteam plugin does not know and therefore chokes on this. I would backup WorkVisual.log than generate the project file and compare to the backup Workvisual.log. You should see a section added to the end of the file with info on the project generation process. If you can post this section as well I might find a hint on what is missing or what is unknown.

    On the other hand these type of compatibility conflicts usually are fixed by using the newest WorkVisual versions.

    Then get access to kuka portals mentioned here READ FIRST... . You should find documentation on where to put X15 in your robot types manual.

    As for the file: come on any able technician should be able to see the office option in there. It is called “office“ and is set to false. Why should we look it up for you. I hinted in the correct direction and that is all this forum can do. Short advice on very specific questions and pointing into possible directions. The finer details are up to the person asking for advice. Be it by formal training or looking up official documentation.


    Then how about some formal training. Also hiring Professional help could be a solution. A forum can not replace this and as you can see by this lengthy discussion this is very difficult if not even the basics are there.

    As for the file it is located somewhere under c/krc. Just use search function of windows. I do not have access to a krc2 or any other controller. Just trying to remember from way in the past.

    ok still seems to be a problem communicating with your RDW. Have you checked wiring? Maybe you could also take a look in hw_inf.ini for the office option. Not that you are running on a OPS configuration.

    Sure. Should be as posted here earlier in this discussion.

    RE: Kuka

    Edit how about the import pid button I see in the lower left corner of your screenshot

    My fault. Probably in KRC2 the correct menu item to download the pid-file is under setup >robot data not under configure. it is the same plugin where you see the serial number.

    wait a second. Did you remove stuff from your post. Can not see what I was referring to anymore.