• Hello.

    I am new to ABB.

    I want to use timer in ABB robot, but i didn't found, where is it.

    I want to use them as like kuka robot i.e. explaied below:

    First i declared an integration

    DECL INT TIMER=1 , in conf.

    Then i creat a program as below


    CASE 1





    CASE 2






    As like this, i want to add in ABB robot, Please help🙏

    My ABB robot model is IRB 6700-200/2.60 :smiling_face:

  • VAR num nClock;

    VAR clock cClock;

    PROC BlahBlah()

    ClkReset cClock;

    ClkStart cClock;

    ! Procedure instructions

    ClkStop cClock;


    TPPrint "BlahBlah Procedure took: "+NumToStr((nClock/60),3)+"minutes";



  • I got start clock, stop clock & reset clock option. Thank you for it.

    But where can i check my calculated time ??

  • In KUKA (the code you've posted) you have an array of timers (which is a horrible implementation as you have a specific amount of timers available).

    In ABB they offer you several functions to start a timer.

    The example posted by JMF is perfect, concise, and detailed.

    Just to make it easier for you to understand the "translation":

    ClkReset ! == TIMER[x] = 0

    ClkStart ! == TIMER_STOP = FALSE

    ClkStop !== TIMER_STOP = TRUE

    ClkRead !== variable = TIMER[x]

    BUT: ABB has one of the best documentations out there, check the manual Lemster recommended you and you'll see samples and instructions on how to make all those functions work:

    ClkReset, ClkStart, ClkStop and ClkRead

    Hope this helps.

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