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    Hi There from South Africa.

    At our company we have also set up a hand sanitizing station which we are forced to use at lunch and tea. also during work day you can go and sanitize.

    We have also implemented a "1 mt from each other" rule and no more group morning toolbox talks.

    Myself, have a 20 month old son, and try as best I can, to reduce his risk of him or wife getting it. So if I was my hands 300000 x a day, i don't care.

    Also have I requested a hand sanitizing unit for the robot cell and my NB at my Robot just to be sure.

    I have, as mentioned previously above, I also think this MIGHT, AND I REPEAT, MIGHT, be a hand made virus for chemical warfare type situation, we all know it does exist, that got out someway or somehow.

    But any case, we are our brothers keepers and have to look out for one another working with us and especially our families.

    Keep safe all.

    Can you supply more info regarding the routine etc where it is happening.

    will help a lot if you can supply more details about the system

    If you can access the controller via RS you can restore a backup to the controller. After the restart of the controller, start loading only the modules from the latest backup.

    When loading modules:

    1 - Know directory of modules.

    2 - Right click on your task which the modules should be loaded in.

    3 - Select "Load Module" and go to the module directory and select the module to be loaded.


    A old colleague got in contact with me this morning regarding the minimum seam bead for tracking to be effective and I was kinda not sure what the minimum is. :/.What I have gathered through the years is that I normally don't track on anything that have a bead less than 50 mm long because just as the weld is almost over the tracking have started to correct itself and then you are left with miss welding at the start while the middle-to-end weld is moving towards the right location. Center Line tracking specifically.

    Does anybody know what is the minimum length of what Weldguide will be able to track efficiently?

    Is there any parameters to adjust and make modify the minimum to what you want?

    Hi Vikram. Try this code. You can play around with this code to suit your needs even better.

    First. If you have not yet attended a course for ABB Robot Programming, I strongly suggest to consider it. It will help a lot.

    Second. Get Robotstudio if possible. It is lot easier and faster than on FlexPendant.

    Third. Can you supply more details regarding the system you are using. S4C/IRC5?

    I am using RS and is quite easier for me than on the FlexPendant. I am trying to put something together for you on how to do this on FlexPendant

    I do not know of a shortcut other than switch of welding and rerun the root pass as it would have welded and then switch welding back on after the run for the 2nd and 3rd passes. But what I have noticed is that your tracking might differ a bit because multipass requires tracking to be 100% correct.

    When you use Multipass, you use the first weld as your reference to your mulitpass offsets. If your weldpath/reference weld change, your offsets will change. If you change you multipass data, your weld will be still referenced to where your first weld was only your offsets will adjust. So in short. When you change your weld path/reference weld, you need to rerecord that seam for the offsets to be accurately referenced to the weld path.

    Question. Is the seam names stored as arrays or is it a string instruction?

    As far as I know it should be "your_seam_name" if it is not declared in your data and "Your_seam_name{array nr}" if it is stored as array. NOTE the Inverted commas.