trajectory offset

  • Good afternoon, I am using a laser sensor and kuka RSI 3.1 with kss 8.2.20.

    I want to implement the adjustment of the robot in coordinates depending on the detail, I wrote a server application that reads the current coordinates of the robot relative to the base coordinate system of the detail. The app works, but I need to implement tool offsets. An example of a trajectory in the figure, I read a blue trajectory with a laser and then my tool with a tcp point repeats the blue trajectory, but I need tcp to repeat the green trajectory. How can you make these displacements on the entire path, I tried to change the tcp calibration of the tool and specify the required displacement, the whole contour is displaced. To change the path, I need to use the face normal. Is it possible to use the TTS coordinate system for this?

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  • If I understood you correctly, then you want to do translation and scaling. Changing base/tool coordinates by offset can only perform translation (hence the "whole contour is displaced").

    I suppose you could find the center of the part and translate all the points towards it.

  • it is unclear how the "TCP follows blue line". do you use tool orientation? how? what is the tool orientation? normal to what? in 3D space there are three mutually normal vectors.

    if you programmed blue path correctly (using correct tool orientation) then changing TCP will allow you to follow green line. there is also tool correction used in hemming. whichever way you look at it you need to keep track of correct tool orientation.

    it is not enough to have the laser perpendicular to plane where the contour is, it should be also rotated along the path too... if not, you need to create more complex transform and recalculate points.

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  • Thanks for the answers, I managed to make the setup and get the correct work. I selected the TTS coordinate system in poscorr and the robot began to track the trajectory correctly.

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