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    Good afternoon, is it possible to add a wait delay in the middle of a circ block? Example CIRC {X 124.804, Y 89, Z -3.5, A 3.343, B 90, C 0}, delay 2 sec {X 100, Y 113.804, Z -3.5, A 4.503, B 90, C 0}. I got to add a delay by the fragmentation of the circle into two parts, but would like to use the first option?

    KRC4 kss8.2.20

    Thanks for the answers, I managed to make the setup and get the correct work. I selected the TTS coordinate system in poscorr and the robot began to track the trajectory correctly.

    Good afternoon, I am using a laser sensor and kuka RSI 3.1 with kss 8.2.20.

    I want to implement the adjustment of the robot in coordinates depending on the detail, I wrote a server application that reads the current coordinates of the robot relative to the base coordinate system of the detail. The app works, but I need to implement tool offsets. An example of a trajectory in the figure, I read a blue trajectory with a laser and then my tool with a tcp point repeats the blue trajectory, but I need tcp to repeat the green trajectory. How can you make these displacements on the entire path, I tried to change the tcp calibration of the tool and specify the required displacement, the whole contour is displaced. To change the path, I need to use the face normal. Is it possible to use the TTS coordinate system for this?

    yes, couple of times... KUKA repair center makes sure they are repaired and working correctly

    Service center in my country replied that they can flash or replace with a new smartpad, unfortunately they do not carry out partial repairs. I wanted to know if anyone had done this.

    Hello, I am using a kuka kr2100 r 2700 extra robot with kss8.2.20. There was a problem in the smartpad, the touchscreen at the bottom of the screen responds very badly. Calibrating the touchscreen sometimes helps for 5-10 minutes, then the sensor does not work well.

    To eliminate this problem, I wanted to change the touchscreen. Did anyone have a positive experience in this matter?

    While searching and waiting for delivery, I wanted to use an usb mouse to control the smartpad, can you tell me the correct connection to the smartpad? The last time I used the mouse, my smartpad firmware flashed, I don’t know this coincidence, or the mouse influenced it, I would not want to destroy the firmware again.

    Thanks for the help

    так что метод резервного копирования - Kuka Archive

    ты собрал архив и заглянул внутрь? их несколько в папке реестра. один из них назван в честь workvisual, этот говорит, какой из проектов является рабочим. существует ли ссылка и указывает ли она на настоящий файл проекта? думаю не судя по твоим скриншотам

    Плагин KSS не работает, что-то повреждено в KSS или Windows, или в обоих.

    Is it possible to specify the link manually?

    how exactly did you make the backup and restore? are the projects really in C:\KRC\User\ProjectRoot?

    can you make archive and check AMR file?

    Backup File-Arhive-usb(cabinet)-All

    Restore File-Restore-USB (cabinet)-All

    Yes, the files WorkVisual are there. I do not know what is AMR file.

    I cannot delete the old project WV message error «an unspecified error occurred» when do recovering.


    I faced a problem when opening a new project. Opening sign WorkVisual on a smart pad. I chose a new project and pressed activate, after that the robot hang up for 30-40 minutes, I decided to turn it off and then start robot. After the launch, errors kss 01421 appeared. A red cross appeared under the WorkVisual sign and all projects disappeared, a message also appeared ”The installer project cannot be determined”. All other projects that could have been activated, including the initial one, have disappeared. Before activating a new project, I made a backup copy of the robot, after activating the activation about the impossibility of completely restoring the system.

    Who can help solve this problem?

    The problem occurred on the robot Kuka kr210 r2700 extra, KR C4, KSS version 8.2.20, WorkVisual version 3.1.

    Thanks for help.

    many people do not understand how microwave ovens, cellphones etc work. that does not stop them from using those things. are you trying to make your own LDD?

    Yes, I can know the forces that act in each position and know the positions of the robot, but I cant compare these data to get the mass and center of gravity.

    As shown in the FTC manual (Section 7.4): FTCtrl_LDD.SRC. It should be in the TP/FTCTRL/ directory.

    If it's missing, you can find in in the FTCTRL installer directory under D:/KUKA_OPT.

    Thank you, I have already found this function and it correctly calculates.
    But I could not suggest an algorithm for calculating it, find FTCtrl directory C:/KRC/TP/FTC, I cant understand how the program calculates the data received.

    I use F/T Sensor: Delta IP60 (ATI Net F/T) with a robot KUKA KR 210 R2700 extra with software KUKA.ForceTorqueControl.
    This complex is designed for processing the edges of parts, for this using a different tool. The tool we use has a different weight.
    Is it possible using F/T Sensor calculate weight, mass center on a robot.

    Thanks for the help.

    Hello I am setting up a robot for an application that requires short slow movements.
    Robot must slow down at certain points and then accelerate to normal values.
    I am find parameter $VEL_AXIS_MA and can edit it in $machine.
    When changing in my program, it gives an error "variable is write-protected".

    Is it possible to change it in my application?

    Controller: KR C4
    Robot: KR 210 R2700 extra
    Version: 8.2.20