KRC2 booting issues

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  • MOM, yes I agree with you USB to IDE converter is preferable and I will definitely take it into account as a way forward!!! You are also right - there is one IDE 40pin port (used by CD/DVD), but not two (so I am not sure how one can help cloning). With Hirens I actually need that port for CD as I was unable to create Bootable USB stick, it corrupted 2 USBs for some reason and the Hirens version that was working (15.2) said it is bootable from CD or HDD, not USB even though in BIOS USB Booting was enabled....

    Thanks for sector-based vs file-based pics!

  • MOM, panic mode, pipo, and all who chipped in advice,

    Thank you for your continuous support - the next milestone is done - original EDC card was healthy and was cloned to another EDC card.

    A few notes for readers who may benefit from this story:

    • Cloning was done using Acronis Disk Director 12.5 (I do not have KUKA Recovery USB), Demo version was free for disks till 10 GB, my KUKA disc is 8 GB - great - thanks to Acronis! When doing cloning I opted for "Copy NT signature" (using it important not to restart PC with both cards, better no card attached). Acronis software did not offer an option to go file or sector based.
    • Long story short Innolite EDC drawing of pin numbers is very tricky, easy to confuse, as it is an old card not used by many, will not go into details
    • I got two new Cablexpert USB to IDE/SATA converters (AUSI01), they have the same problem as previous converters in that you cannot plug Innolite EDC card in them (both female) and you cannot use simple 40 Pin board (as I mistakenly did before). Pins are - as I wrote in #76 - mirrored! Getting mirrored pin slots would take me several days, I wanted to get this done over weekend so, believe it or not I had to do 2x39 pins from paperclips :smiling_face: Please, do not judge :winking_face: They worked!
    • As you suggested I used regular Windows 10 laptop to carry out the cloning, this indeed saves hassle of mingling with insides of old PC or BIOS. If not for the pins :smiling_face: cloning is 15 min, very simple operation.

    So far so good doing first ever clone. Now I expect things to go even more interesting (complex) as based on pipo suggestion I shall take newly created EDC, put it in controller PC and try to reinstall/restore. There are several restore options, including all. Please, based on #44 let me know what you suggest. To summarize #44 - robot startup would freeze in Cross3 and would not progress up until I did End Tasked Explorer, Guardtray, and Guard9x apps.

    Will report back on how KRC2 startup with copy of EDC will go - I expect same issues (as physically there were no issues with disk) but I will report what it is!

  • Quote

    I had to do 2x39 pins from paperclips :smiling_face: Please, do not judge :winking_face: They worked!

    what are you trying to pull off - an advertisement for paper clips ? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

    btw good job and thank you for sharing your experience

    motherboard IDE connector as well as PATA HDD are male and i guess EDC was meant to plug directly into motherboard which is why contacts on EDC are mirrored.

    you have windows starting so now it is to get KSS working. as pipo suggested it is the best to do clean install rather than repair. repair tries to preserve many things such as current settings and may not update everything. in other words run the EXE with no underscore in the name (setup.exe instead of _setup.exe)

    1) read pinned topic: READ FIRST...

    2) if you have an issue with robot, post question in the correct forum section... do NOT contact me directly

    3) read 1 and 2

  • Robot has been extended 3.2m arm to 3.5m. If I do clean install of KSS, will I have to re-enter some of those parameters somewhere? Or shall I take a note of some file that keeps robot sizes before I do install KSS?

  • there are two MADA, one for robot and one controller.

    backup MADA for the robot arm. (KRC:\R1\MADA)

    it is only two files



    actually backup everything (should be on your cloned HDD already)

    1) read pinned topic: READ FIRST...

    2) if you have an issue with robot, post question in the correct forum section... do NOT contact me directly

    3) read 1 and 2

  • DS

    I did a few reinstallations of my robot and noticed that when starting the KSS installation without deleting the old one, some important settings and programs are saved automatically. So I recommend this way. Once you have the original disc, you can do all sorts of experiments.

    The original disk of the robot sits in a safe place. I do all the experiments on a cloned disk without risk


  • Thanks for pointing to setup.exe. Yet I am slightly puzzled about the location of file, or do I not have it at all? My KSS is 4.1.7, yet the setup.exe file is in KRC1_DC folder. Could that be right? I would expect KRC2 folder.

  • Shortly after powering on controller (with cloned EDC in), pendant shows "Invalid system disk. Replace the disk, and then press any key". In the screen I see that Pri. Master Disk: LRG, ATA 33, .... When I compare this to some historical screen photos I see that back in old times it was LBA, ATA 33, ....

    I checked in BIOS, did not see an option to activate LRG. Do you agree that this is they likely reason for controller PC to not recognized cloned EDC?

  • DS


    Try to start with original EDC

    If start is OK then make a New CLONNING

    You must clone original EDC to NEW one,

    not just one partition of the disk but the whole disk

    Most likely, the boot sector (MBR) was not installed during the cloning. Pay attention to this when choosing the method of cloning

    There is another possibility. Check in the BIOS and select the EDC disk as first boot disk, not cdrom, USB, Floppy

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  • pipo, thanks for advice!

    Original EDC starts OK and I double-checked that EDC model supports LBA (Logical Block Addressing).

    I did clone the whole disk (with both partitions) but obviously I have to search for an alternative way of making a clone as Acronis DD neither gave me the option to preserve LBA, nor it has any documentation that even mentions this acronym. Acronis DD did not mention MBR but the disk was supposedly bootable. I assume I need another software product, perhaps older :smiling_face: for making a clone.

    If other clones will not work I will follow instruction with BIOS, thanks!

  • DS

    You BIOS setting are OK while PC start whith original EDC

    Developer: HDDGURU.COM

    License terms: Freeware

    Supported OS: MS Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, Server 2003, 2008, 2008R2

    Windows Installer…l/HDDRawCopy1.10Setup.exe

    Download Windows Executable (works without installation):…DDRawCopy1.10Portable.exe

    Big drives (LBA-48) are supported.

    If you can start another PC (not ROBOT PC) with cloned EDC as second drive

    can you see the two partitions on cloned EDC

    If you can, try whit hdhacker tool to copy only MBR from old to new EDC

  • pipo,

    HDDRawCopy is what was needed! It worked! And it produced EDC copy that was recognized by system with no changes in BIOS necessary! Great! Thank you!

    During installation, the only decision I was not sure about was weather to leave R1, Mada, and one more folder settings from previous installation when it asked. I decided to leave all 3 of them.

    Once the installation was finished, when booting controller, it still did not go past Cross3 screen (same issue). CTRL+ALT+DEL indicated that Cross3 [Not responding]. Instead of End Tasking Cross3, I End Tasked 2 apps - Guard9x and Guardtray. Then Cross3 rebounded and KSS loaded.

    Do you have any idea if I shall I try installation without keeping old R1, Mada, ....?

  • Hi,

    how many clones do you have?

    As a first step I would examine the hard drive.

    Connect the drive as external hdd to you PC

    check for defragmentation (I used defraggler for that)

    check hdd for lost clusers (chkdisk)

    run your virus scanner for the external hdd.

    If all these tests are passed

    try to create an archive

    if not

    make a zip file of the init directory

    make a zip file of the log directory



    • Helpful


    I messed around with KSS 4.1.OL and KSS did not want to start.

    set the traffic ligt to green and using menu item log to set log on

    Now you should be able to see sonmething

    The reason why KSS did not come up in my case KukaDb. exe could not be startet



  • Hi,

    the sequence of start up as I figured out so far would be:

    1. cross3

    1.1 initializing all of its trabants

    1.2 starts vxworks

    1.3 starts HMI

    1.3.1 starts KukaDB.exe for national translations

    1.3.2 starts (at the beginning you will see the splash screen (in german: "lege den Mantel des Schweigens darüber"))

    1.3.3 load all TechPackages (?)

    vxworks will load data and initialize (?)

    any help recommaded



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