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    The manuals from fanuc does not have instructions how to configure wago profinet i/o

    only have instructions how to connect fanuc robot with siemens plc via profinet.

    Where can i find instructions/tutorial how to add wago profinet i/o ?


    Can an esc-ci board converted to be functional as esc-ci3

    by changing the connectors and make the correct wiring ?

    Both standard versions (these pcbs with unpopulated electronic components ).

    Am asking because i have a krc2 ed05 electric cabinet but is missing esc-ci3 board and have an esc-ci spare board.

    Does anyone have schematic or good closeup photos of esc-ci3 board ?


    All are windows ce because filesystem is FAT16 on system

    EOL in all text files is CRLF (this means windows not linux-unix).

    Drive names are with letters (not mount paths) and file path with inverse slash (\).

    Also controller has full tcp/ip stack and functions that only full operating systems offer

    like windows-linux-unix (NOT dos).

    Windows CE has realtime versions (with realtime kernel).

    All evidence seems that all are windows embedded arm architecture (pendant and controller) .

    Advertisement say not PC based (means not x86/x64 based) doesn't say not windows based.

    I will investigate more but am almost sure that OS is windows embedded (realtime).

    No software options simple basic version of kr210 no ip67 no high accuracy

    for only 1 robot without discount.

    Knows anyone an approximate price ?

    What is the aproximate cost for basic edition new kuka kr210

    and the same category robot for other manufacters (fanuc, abb, yaskawa)


    I have opened IMAGE backup *.img file with peazip v9.4

    When do backup image file is split to chunks and must be

    merged these chunks to extract image file

    this can be done with command copy /b FROM *.IMG BACKUP.IMG

    and after you create BACKUP.IMG can you extract it with peazip.

    Exploring the files seems that runs windows embedded compact for arm

    that has real time kernel. FAT16 filesystem.

    So with this I/O no profinet fieldbus coupler needed.

    This fanuc I/O system has optical isolation or there is danger to burn accidentally the controller

    by some bad I/O ?

    This molex dual channel profinet will work with wago-375 ?

    Also with wago-375 and analog I/O slices can i have analog I/O in robot

    or need extra fanuc software package for analog I/O ?

    Knows someone what is the cpu architecture runs operating system of fanuc controllers ?

    Controller cards have bga chips with fanuc labels.

    Operating system is some realtime os and windows are not realtime

    so windows ce are only for TP not for OS.

    Also controllers have very low memory so only something lite unix - linux

    can operate on so low memory.

    linux with realtime kernel exists only the recent years so i suppose there is not realtime linux

    but some old unix OS with realtime kernel.

    Maybe is something of these

    Comparison of real-time operating systems - Wikipedia


    I have KCP2 from KRC2 (not ED05) cabinet.

    This pendant will work with KRC2 ED05 cabinet or isn't compatible ?


    Good news auto update success with


    Also i have installed some free software options from update files without having original installation usb.

    Which is the most recent version of V8.X software?

    Yes you are correct software id show R-30ib not plus.

    So can install V8.30P71_Auto_Update?

    Also can install V8.X for example V8.40 V 8.50 etc ?

    Is there any method to upgrade to V9.40