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    EthernetKrlXML is different from EthernetRSIXML

    EthernetKrlXML is not realtime EthernetRSIXML is realtime

    Am asking RSI vs EthernetRSIXML (both realtime)..

    Because i have only ethernetrsixml can i use it as simple

    rsi without ethernet or with virtual ethernet at localhost?

    Is there any example configs for RSI torch height control?

    I have ethernetrsixml v1.2 the documentetion also install files

    says clear that is for kss 5.6 the information on kuka xpert are

    possibly outdated...

    The question is what is more suitable practically for torch height control

    rsi 2.3 or ethernetrsixml 1.2 ?

    for kss 5.6 am getting analog input 0-10V via analog "slice" wago devicenet terminal block that coresponds to torch height.

    What needs for torch height adjustment?

    ethernetrsixml 1.2 or rsi 2.3 techpackage?

    real time operating system needs some things disabled in the bios

    so you must select kuka defaults.

    kuka defaults disables many things in bios so it minimizes jitter for wind river real time os

    Touch off before starting a cut and after that correction while cutting

    1-2 mm error to the height correction is not problem.

    What is the best solution for this ?

    I have made a linear axis with 200mm travel that can correct height independently from robot

    but i think with robot only without external linear axis will be the best solution.


    I have the same scenario...

    Plasma cutting that needs torch height control real time.

    The plasma generator outputs analog voltage that corresponds to torch distance from metal.

    I have setup devicenet 0-10V analog input to kss 5.6.12

    but how can go for next step ?


    Yes the profibus card is kuka not generic drivers was installed correctly.

    So i will need welder manual also i need GSD file for welder ?

    If i can't find GSD file what can i do ? nothing ?

    or there is way to create my own GSD file ?

    The GSD file provided by welder manufacturer or can i find it somewhere else ?

    The profibus card is kuka CP5614

    The profibus card does nothing now i got the welder separately from robot.

    Robot has installed kss 5.6.12 with arctech digital tech package and the profibus card.

    The robot will be master the problem is that i don't have the welder manual and can't find it.

    The welder manual is required ?

    for example for documentation profibus communication protocol to setup the robot...

    I know that this welder worked before with robot... but cannot find the profibus ab only profibus dp

    what is the profibus v2.x [daimler] ?


    I have an elmatech mig welder that connects via profibus to robot profi-bus ab v2.x [profi-bus daimler].

    I have the siemens profibus card in krc2 controller with kss 5.6.12

    what needed to connected this welder with robot controller ?

    Has anyone the manual of this welder or something similar elmatech manual ?


    How much m^3 reinforced concrete wants a kr360 and a kr210 for mounting on the floor ?

    Are there any mounting guidelines from kuka (document title)?

    i see that software costs about 1k .. the demo version can do to config ?

    or is there a manual how to make hand config ?

    I have put separate 24vdc power supply and had 100% success with devicenet 8din/10dout/2anout



    The process to install I/O with profibus or interbus with krc2 is the same as devicenet ?

    I have some wago profibus and interbus modules and krc2 pci profibus/interbus cards.

    What are advantages/disadvantages of profibus-interbus vs devicenet for I/O ?