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    ok, I made the same mistake again.

    The question of the original question is answered, but the second question still open and I mixed them.

    i have 2 krc 2 which one installed win 95 ks v4.1 kr 15-2 another one winxpembeded but winxpe mada file belongs to kr125 but installed on kr 15-2..i want to replace kr 15-2 mada file on another ...i need mada file under xpe for kr 15-2 it possible?please help me

    the mada can be found in folder "Internat>Mada>Krc2

    It is also useful to check the label on the robot.

    As seen on the picture located in post #1 the trafo name and the location is given.

    btw. we have KSS V5.2, V5.3, V5.4, V5.5 V5.6, V8.2 running on win xp


    the CAD/CAM sytem is not the IMPORTANT item; they are only giving a cloud of points

    the important item is the POST PROCESSOR with DATA REDUCTION included!

    The post processor has to create a program the robot can execute with the requested accuracy and velocity.

    Another important thing is DATA REDUCTION

    Most of the CAD/CAM systems are not able to handle this at all for robot movements (maybe only for CNC machines)

    I started to work with "Milling with kuka robots" in 1990 and i had to do the data reduction after the post precessor to get a good result (quality and timing).

    I do not know how RoboDK is handling this problem so any feed back is welcome


    your picture in post #7 is not the venus I know, how was this done?

    why do want mada for a 15 kg robot?

    the picture in post #1 shows a 210kg robot?

    On cd or drive d: you should have a directory called allmadas! do you have this directory?

    Otherwise I would suggest to contact kuka, giving the serial numbers of your robots and get the machine data for the robot according to your kuka sytem software!

    i have done this in the past and using ConveyorTech was not the standard

    are you talking about a single press (draw press only) or a complete press line?

    having the press as center you have the previous robot (put the part in) and the following robot (taking the part out). you also have the gripper on both robots and those grippers have to be very stiff.

    Depending of the stiffness of the gripper the window size of the press maybe limited (and needs be be adjustable)

    Me (and may colleagues) solved this problem by using the soft plc proconos (installed on every robot)

    <crystal bowl on>

    you do not have a network connection between your external pc and the base system of the krc like router or network card

    <crystal bowl off>

    what is the output of the Alphacam software?

    As panic mode mentioned the distance between point is quite important!

    This is simply causing problems and taking time (I had about 300,000 points before and about 65,000 points after data reduction (only LIN movements). I got nice circles and the job was done in 25 min instead of 60 min)

    Is there a way in Alphacam to reduce the number of points (not CAM specific but robot specific)?

    Normally it is done the following way:

    CAD->?->CAM->GCODE(?)->PP->Data reduction->KRL

    In your case is this also the way?

    Who is doing what (Alphacam or RoboDK)?

    I am a new kuka user, ı was use abb and kawasaki robot but ı use kuka first time, first time ı need support. What do you recommend? Where would ı start? pdf or another thing :?:

    where did you start using abb or kawasaki?

    The very first thing you have got was probably some basic training courses and documentation

    With kuka it is actually the same

    support you will find in kuka documentation, this forum here or suppport directly from kuka

    let's go back to post #10

    I shortly explained FRAME and I also made a suggestion to use AXIS instead of *POS. Have you checked the difference?

    My question about "across" is still not answered!

    I do not want to know who someone else could think this is could be the answer of you problem! - Simply give an example or DATA!