KRC1 issues with booting

  • Good day

    I am having an issue with a KRC1 controller, the time that it takes to boot up is extremely long and it also gets stuck on the loading screen. It is an old controller. please any advice will be appreciated. I am really getting so frustrated with it.

    Thank you

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  • What is extremely long for you? KRC1 normally works on a Win95 basis so it will take quite a while.
    If you are in a rush you can get rid of the batteries and power off will shorten a lot, although I wouldnt advice it.

  • Sorry about that.

    I will follow the rules posting.

    I wish i could upgrade, but at the company I worked for we mounted a plasma cutter on the KRC1, to cut slots in stainless square tubing.

    but thank you.

  • Problem with floppy disk or - and CD.
    Use bios and switch off driver for floppy disk. Also switch to "only C" disk drive to boot up system.
    Windows are waiting for floppy to respond but there are not communication so floppy delay process of boot up windows and the rest Kuka drivers.
    If your LED is constantly green on floppy drive even no floppy is inserted that would be very good indication about described problem with floppy disk drive.
    Of course everything can affect boot up speed as other mention here, but check floppy as well it is quite common problem with KRC1 today as floppy and CD disk drivers aged not so gracefully comparing to mechanic of the robot.

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