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    What do you mean by Beckhoff TwinCat?

    This is actually a software package consisting of the runtime (soft plc - CoDeSys) and the ide (programming).

    How is the connection from "TwinCat" to the robot?

    Twincat runtime and ide can be seperate. IDE installation does not required on robot. User can be assign KONI port for Twincat fieldbus interface and bridge to KLI with industrial switch. I am not recommend this I just say it is possible. Users can be use all supported fieldbus protocol with Twincat for robot communications just like profinet, ethernet/IP etc.. with associated licence. Sometimes Kuka products does not meet different kind requirements and I guess capital9 search a right solution.


    Distributing components of WoV with your library would probably violate legal restrictions. OTOH, if your library simply utilized WoV components that the end user already had installed legally, it becomes a bit of a grey area.

    Regardless, if you can make this work without utilizing any WoV components, more power to you! :thumbup:

    Yes I think same manner. Just like you say my methods give more free zone and I can change if I don't liked. Otherwise it is can not be version dependent and library can not be import some variations of kuka library. I don't have time and effort for test all released kuka versions with my library. I think I am on good way and don't need to use kuka libraries.

    Beckhoff Twincat can work on kuka pc. I didn't try tc3 but tc2 will working without any problem. Try TC3 installation folder win8settick.bat file and try this after take image of hdd:

    elevated command prompt run the following :-

    bcdedit /set UseLegacyApicMode yes

    bcdedit /set disabledynamictick yes

    bcdedit /set useplatformtick yes

    dism.exe /Online /Disable-Feature:Microsoft-Hyper-V

    perform reboot.

    Firstly library does not support old series krc1-2-3. Yes I can implement but probably next 5 years all one is will go to recyling. Library just support KRC4 and KRC5 controllers. I testing now all controller variants.

    I am not using any kuka libraries or workvisual interfaces. This mean library working standalone and not need workvisual or uninstallation to workvisual. Probably there is other way to achive same result but I am not focused it. I guess kuka libraries under protection legal laws and I can't use for public share.

    Hello All;

    I will release soon KRC4-5 SDK .NET Library. This library running on external pc with user .NET application. Library does not need any installation on robot and KSS version dependent. Network can be KLI port or other exist network port.

    Please review attached reference documents and if you ask any question do not hesitate contact to me.

    VSS 5.4.10 KRC2.Bin file develop for VW to upgrade existing controller. You can not use file on different KSS versions for example KSS5.6. Because VxWin binaries is different.

    There is no need SMSetup.inf because KSS installation already install it.

    MFC ISA+DSE IBS C33 can work until KSS 5.5. Upwards versions will not work because it is using MFC3 board with PCI bus. Generally KSS's until 5.5 can work all editions latest of Xpe. But you should use special Xpe for Kuka system.

    - You can check on Windows environment Control Panel-> Network connections ->Virtual RTOS Network board available ?

    - Is the IP address correct ? You should set IP Address of adapter.

    Cross 3 fault messages tell you there is wrong driver for KSS. You can try uninstall RTOS network adapter with device Manager of windows and try clean install to KSS. If not help to you just copy image from running robot and restore it. As other guys said: is violating legal law. Just try it, if this will work buy from kuka.


    Has anyone information about KRC2 VIO driver ? As far I understand it support Virtual IO from ethernet channel but I didn't found any information about that. I have special application and I need control physical I/O signals without field bus.

    Windows detection of card doesn't matter. The card controlled by VxWin Realtime OS as Kuka controller. CP5614A2 has two version. One of them double PCB (for KRC1) slave section mounted on main PCB. Other one is single PCB and just compatible KSS 5.X.X. If you have single PCB version, the card is not compatible with KRC1. If you have double PCB version may firmware not compatible with VxWin.

    Kuka Art Nr: 00-104-561

    Thanks for the information.

    But the offer they've sent to me is about Profinet IO "slave" option 888-3, and master option requieres profinet card, at least, that was they told me.

    Are you sure it is possible to work master and slave wihout profinet board with and industrial switch?

    Thanks in advance

    Just look at the manual is show only industrial switch with DSQC1000 and RW6. Please look at attached picture. I see a lot robot communicating with Controller / Device operation running together on same port. Just like KUKA KLI port. Of course I don't know much as ABB, you should be follow their directive.

    For example I post one robot system options list:

    <Category descr="OS">RobotWare OS and English</Category>

    <Category descr="Languages">644-1 French</Category>

    <Category descr="Options">709-x DeviceNet</Category>

    <Category descr="Options">888-2 PROFINET m/s</Category>

    <Category descr="Options">608-1 World Zones</Category>

    <Category descr="Options">611-1 Path Recovery</Category>

    <Category descr="Options">885-1 SoftMove</Category>

    <Category descr="Options">613-1 Collision Detection</Category>

    <Category descr="Options">614-1 FTP and NFS client</Category>

    <Category descr="Options">616-1 PC Interface</Category>

    <Category descr="Options">617-1 FlexPendant Interface</Category>

    <Category descr="Options">623-1 Multitasking</Category>

    <Category descr="Languages">645-16 Turkish</Category>

    <Category descr="Suboptions">709-1 DeviceNet m/s</Category>

    <Option descr="RW Control module key"/>

    <Option descr="RobotWare OS and English"/>

    -<Option descr="644-1 French">

    <SubOption descr="645-16 Turkish"/>


    -<Option descr="709-x DeviceNet">

    <SubOption descr="709-1 DeviceNet m/s"/>


    <Option descr="888-2 PROFINET m/s"/>

    <Option descr="608-1 World Zones"/>

    <Option descr="611-1 Path Recovery"/>

    <Option descr="885-1 SoftMove"/>

    <Option descr="613-1 Collision Detection"/>

    <Option descr="614-1 FTP and NFS client"/>

    <Option descr="616-1 PC Interface"/>

    <Option descr="617-1 FlexPendant Interface"/>

    <Option descr="623-1 Multitasking"/>


    This robot does not have CP1616 or other profinet card. Robot profinet controller communication with Festo CPX valve as Master. Robot is slave as S7 PLC.