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    ROBOT : KUKA KR10R1100_2

    KSS 8.6.9 HF2

    Kernel system version KS V8.6.52463

    Is it possible to install KSS V8.3 (downgrade) on a robot that has version KSS V8.6 ? In case yes what is the procedure?

    No You can't

    8.6.X software running on new motherboard and 8.3 not supported. Also vice versa not supported.

    PLC as Profinet master also known as IO Controller. Robot is IO device and on your scenario PLC should be in IO Controller Mode.

    Other steps:

    - You should be check Profisafe address on each side. Robot profisafe address can be set on Workvisual Profinet settings and Safety Related Settings pages.

    - You must be use ACK_GL function on PLC. Profisafe communication failures can only be reset by this function. Without acknowledge robot always show Profisafe Communication Error.

    -You can try other "compatible modes" for example "8.2, Profinet 2.2" on Workvisual profinet settings page.

    Connector pinout shows all signal of the gun. You can't connect some signal to RDW box. For example digital I/O's and 24V signal should be connect externally or to Robot I/O modules.

    In RDW you can just connect resolvers signal and temperature sensor.

    Are people outside kuka not allowed to create plugins for kuka HMI?

    Everyone create plugins there is no limitations. (If you know how to do)

    Do you need to buy license to create plugins?

    There is no need licence. Because it is not salable products of Kuka.

    Do you have to pay for documentation (to get demo plugin source code)?

    There is no documentations. Because it is not public and normally users not need to write own plugins (Kuka thinks so)

    Sorry I don't remember clearly which tool used but some holes included three dowel pins inside. If you didn't remove dowel pins may can prevent to remove flange.

    If I remember correctly, some screws on the opposite side need to be unscrewed from the robot base. After that, the gearbox can be completely disassembled. I completely disassembled it a long time ago, but there is no replacement part inside of the gearbox. We have some backlash issue and we just replaced the bearings and the problem went away.

    Theoretically negative values cause not to energy consumption because motors generate own energy to main DC Link. This mean negative values is not adding to total consumption. Please note ABB's consumption counter is not only axis values it is including total consumption with external units mainboard, display etc. When you stop the robots total consumption still increasing because controller components need to energy to work.

    Sometimes axis motors under regenerative effect and generate own energy cause of external load or conservation of energy rules. It is absolutely normal and generated energy absorbed by brake resistors. If you see minus value of axis, this mean the axis generate energy itself.

    Hello Brad2296

    Fanuc send file in compact disc. It is not included in robot memory. just shipped with CD in controller panel. Sometimes Fanuc send defected file, I have a lot of defected file from Fanuc. Please call your local dealer and get support with serial number of robots.

    Please note: Sensor file is unique and you should not copy between robots. Cobot function may not work as expected.

    You can use PSTART command with SYNC parameter and SMOV command

    Main Program: No Group defined.

    'R1 N1 SYNC 1 0


    'R2 N1 SYNC 0

    PSTART JOB:J9_S1_R2_N1_0_GRD_SYN SUB2 IF IG#(71)=1

    Welding Program: R1+S1:S1 or R2+S1:S1

    MOVJ C00004 VJ=100.00 +MOVJ EC00004 VJ=100.00


    SMOVC C00005 V=12.5 +MOVJ EC00005

    SMOVC C00006 V=12.5 +MOVJ EC00006

    SMOVC C00007 V=12.5 +MOVJ EC00007

    SMOVC C00008 V=12.5 +MOVJ EC00008

    SMOVC C00009 V=12.5 +MOVJ EC00009

    SMOVC C00010 V=12.5 +MOVJ EC00010

    SMOVC C00011 V=12.5 +MOVJ EC00011

    SMOVC C00012 V=12.5 +MOVJ EC00012

    SMOVC C00013 V=12.5 +MOVJ EC00013


    For example if you have two robots plus one or more external axes you can synchronize all dependent robots to positioners movement. Positioners as master and robots is slave mode. If the positioner slow during movement robot is automatically slow or vice versa.