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    First, activate the ethernet card and restore any changes to the software settings (if you have made changes). The robot has a safety system. The problem is most likely in this system. Read everything I wrote in the forum and you will get an idea of what you need to do. If you have viber or watsapp it will be easier to communicate, although my English is not at a good level.




    on the kukavarproxy is "debug" option where I can see all IN/OUT traffic. Is there (C3Bridge) some equivalent functionality?

    When start i see only messages for connection options on C3Bridge window.

    With openshowvar and my Python script I connected sucsesfully with C3Bridge.

    Can You share C3 Control Panel .

    It does not matter at what stage of development C3 is, the main goal is tests.

    I will add new functionalities to my Python project, according to the capabilities of C3 and I will send you the test results.





    I am currently developing a program (python script) that reads g code and sends it as commands to a Kuka Robot . On the robot side, I use kukavarproxy. On the other hand, the same script synchronously reads from the g code the commands for control of the spindle, cooling and manages them through the USB port. Other external devices can be added. In other words, it is not necessary to send commands to the robot, which in turn sends them to an external controller.

    I have had a robot for two months and I am still a beginner in this field.

    Today I saw your project and I will test the possibilities using a python.

    I will be happy if I can assist in the development or testing of your project.

    Best regards



    to solve problems try this:

    1. Start pc and go to device manager

    2. On the firs yellow row ( driver for floppy disk) click with right mouse button and select to reinstall driver. I do not remember exatly how to you must proceed in Win95 with the reinstall.

    3. On the next yellow rows make the same

    May be you need to find how to reinstall drivers with google search

    I am glad that the problem is solved!

    I don't know why, but I had the same or a similar problem. A series of startup errors. Most of ini files cannot be read. This happened 10 minutes ago.

    I'm going to get a big hammer to show the robot where the INI files are



    You BIOS setting are OK while PC start whith original EDC

    Developer: HDDGURU.COM

    License terms: Freeware

    Supported OS: MS Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, Server 2003, 2008, 2008R2

    Windows Installer…l/HDDRawCopy1.10Setup.exe

    Download Windows Executable (works without installation):…DDRawCopy1.10Portable.exe

    Big drives (LBA-48) are supported.

    If you can start another PC (not ROBOT PC) with cloned EDC as second drive

    can you see the two partitions on cloned EDC

    If you can, try whit hdhacker tool to copy only MBR from old to new EDC



    Try to start with original EDC

    If start is OK then make a New CLONNING

    You must clone original EDC to NEW one,

    not just one partition of the disk but the whole disk

    Most likely, the boot sector (MBR) was not installed during the cloning. Pay attention to this when choosing the method of cloning

    There is another possibility. Check in the BIOS and select the EDC disk as first boot disk, not cdrom, USB, Floppy


    I did a few reinstallations of my robot and noticed that when starting the KSS installation without deleting the old one, some important settings and programs are saved automatically. So I recommend this way. Once you have the original disc, you can do all sorts of experiments.

    The original disk of the robot sits in a safe place. I do all the experiments on a cloned disk without risk


    I think that problem was solwed

    I hope the original disk is in good condition after wrong connection

    DS please read carefully my post #77





    After clonning of disk and boot the robot please send a message

    MOM DS

    On IDE EDC HDD the connector is FEMALE (with holes)

    On MB IDE is MALE (with pins)

    MB connector has a control pins ( missed pin on the center of connector) and hole on connector body. In thes way is impossible to connect IDE cable in to wrong position…deos/11843180/thumb/1.jpg

    On other side the conector on IDE cable have plastic pin (I do not know the english word for him)

    Searching in google I found:

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    DS please see the video....

    And BIG surprice - the IDE connector on convertor HAS safety plastic pin

    When trying to connect to MB - no problem BUT when trying connect EDC disk is possibille to make mistake and connect in wrog way!!!!


    The EDC disk have a female connector. The CONVERTOR have a female connector on IDE side.

    How he connected the two female connectors. With some adapter maybe

    The convertor has JUMPERS AND SWICH. Set up them acording to manual in IDE to SATA MODE


    On you post #62 on picture I see under white PCI slot cable on blue slot like IDE.

    What type is that port and cable

    And please unplug EDC from converter and take a picture (close up) on connectors - it is possibile to you connection from EDC to converter at 180 deg? (wrong way)


    On #61 DS says:

    "I double-checked converter manual (link in next post). I assume I have to use SATA to IDE converter mode."

    We have IDE (EDC or regular HDD)<->CONVERTOR<->SATA PORT ON MB(main board)

    WHAT We need to convert and what mode must be set on convertor?

    Q1:IDE<->SATA or SATA<->IDE


    A1: IDE<->SATA


    In this way MB whill recognize IDE DISK(S) ( EDC or REGULAR HDD) like SATA DISK(S).

    If I make a mistake - please anybody to explain my misstake.


    Please set the mode of convertor to "IDE to SATA" and check BIOS for recognised HDD(S)



    EDC disk have IDE interface and plugged on KUKA main board IDE connector.

    To make a clonning, DS using another PC with SATA only (as DS say) but I can't see on the picture exatly the MB connectors. To connect EDC (IDE) to main bord with SATA we have using IDE to SATA convertor

    But there is problem to setup BIOS to recognize EDC dsiks


    Did you manage to set the BIOS to see the disks

    On EDC may be you have to change jumpers to change EDC mode (single, primary etc...

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