Smartpad Touchscreen Badly Wrong!

  • Morning all,

    I am currently in Norway looking at a few problems with a customers robot. The main one seems to be the touch screen on his smartpad. It boots up and everything is fine but within 2 minutes it is badly uncalibrated. You can't touch ANYTHING correctly. I have plugged in a brand new pad and it's the same. Not sure what it could be?

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  • Robot is a KRC4 KR210 R2700. The robot itself is in a freezer, temp is -5C but the cabinet is in a room which is about 10C. I thought maybe something to do with temperature?

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  • I've tried the screen calibration but I can't press any of the crosses because it doesn't recognise where I am pressing. The screen occasionally goes back to normal then goes uncalibrated at random! Do you work for Kuka by any chance?

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  • I've got a near-dozen KRC4s in the field with about a 50% incidence rate of a similar problem -- the SmartPad touch calibration seems to "drift" over time, and it's a bit of a crapshoot whether re-doing the calibration will actually do anything. And even when the re-calibration works, it generally drifts again given a few weeks.
    From what I've seen so far, it's in the Pads, not the robots. But I don't understand why this keeps happening -- these SPs are not being abused or exposed to any harsh environmental conditions (stable room temperature, no abrasives, corrosives, liquids, or weld slag, etc).

  • SkyeFire,

    This "uncalibration" seems to be within a few minutes of booting, and is easily 100 mm in the wrong place if you touch anything. Completely unusable. I've had to resort to using a wireless keyboard and mouse.

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  • Hi Everyone,
    We have the same problem... just saying :baseball:

    Drifting calibration is very dangerous as the wrong characters are being changed, line jumping etc.
    Has caused many more hours programming and super re-checking.

    The lower half of the screen seems worse than the top.


  • Hi there,

    I have the same problem, the lower part of SmartPad is working worst than higher.
    I calibrated it but after 5 minutes the problem returns.
    I took a SmartPad Main board from other SmartPad, and the touchscreen was working perfectly, but I don't know what can I do to fix it, a new main board is very expensive.

    If someone have already solved this problem, please tell me.

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