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    I agree WinTPE was an effective tool. Wish it was still around. The only theory I can come up with for discontinuing was that people were buying WinTPE instead of the more expensive SimPro/HandlingPro/Roboguide.

    Does your version of OLPCPRO have the 'iP' on the right of the teachpendant screen? This will toggle between the legacy teachpendant to the new ipendant displays.

    I have a process where I want to post to the TP screen what exactly what process error happened. I am limited to 10 user alarms, so I would like to write to the user alarm variable in my tp program prior to posting the user alarm. It is a version 7.7 handling tool robot so I have use of String registers and back ground logic but haven't been able to get there.

    It would be awesome if I could simply do this, but the TP instruction options wont allow it:

    ! Part 1 not positioned correctly
    $UALRM_MSG.[1]='Incorrect part 1 positioning. Please reload part 1.'

    Or is it possible to expand the user alarm table to 100?


    Is there a variable that changes how step mode works. I have been on some Fanuc's where the TP steps one line at a time (which is what I want), the robot I am on now executes until the next time taking instruction (wait or move). The reason for this is I have a lot of I/O that I need to step through slowly for trouble shooting.

    Is there a variable that changes this characteristic?


    1. Figure out the max number of arguments that are possible. Then add one to that number. Then use that number in all of your calls.

    2. The first argument is the number of arguments used/needed. For example if you needed 3 arguments and your max number possible is 5, then your argument string would be

    (3, X1, X2, X3, X4, X5)

    3. Any unused arguments get assigned a value.

    4. Add logic when you read the argument to ignore the unused arguments. For the example you would ignore the X4 and X5 argument.

    I am looking for info on resuming a paused program. I am using a PLC to control the robot. We are using PNS to start the program.

    I want the robot to continue its path, with input from the PLC/HMI/Operator, when there is an error. Here are a couple of the examples:

    Example 1:
    Personnel opens the door to cell by accident. Robot is faulted with a fence alarm. Operator closes door resets robot.

    Example 2:
    Operator E-stops robot in the middle of path to enter cell (Maybe they left there I-pod in the cell and didn't wont to wait until the cycle finished :mad:) After the E-stop and fence alarm, the operator resets alarms.

    In both of these examples I want the robot to continue its path. I am worried that there is a possibility of the robot restarting the path instead of continuing. I know it is possible just have never tried this method before.


    A jogframe is a user defined coordinate system to jog the robot in. I have never had an application where I needed it.

    Please add more info about your robot.

    Robot model: ie R-2000iB 165F,
    Group 2/Rail setup info: Nobot, linear rail, rotator, # of axis in this group
    Group 3/Servo setup info: Nobot, linear, rotational, # of axis in group

    Also add a section out of an .ls program. Make sure that the program was taught on the teach pendant and runs all axises correctly. Will look similar to this:

    769:L P[586] 317mm/sec CNT100 ;
    770:L P[587] 180mm/sec CNT100 ;
    771: ;
    UF : 1, UT : 1, CONFIG : 'N U T, 0, 0, 0',
    X = 405.02 mm, Y = 1366.24 mm, Z = -783.59 mm,
    W = -178.58 deg, P = 16.41 deg, R = -31.02 deg,
    E1= 5500.00 mm, E2= -1800.00 mm
    UF : 1, UT : 1, CONFIG : 'N U T, 0, 0, 0',
    X = 700.20 mm, Y = 1193.29 mm, Z = -823.68 mm,
    W = -175.74 deg, P = 12.80 deg, R = -25.15 deg,
    E1= 5666.00 mm, E2= -1951.00 mm

    Not a support request but trying to figure out FANUC's new policy regarding pulse encoders....

    Recently working on a painter with a bad wrist encoder, so I went online and ordered the part number that was on the encoder. Get the encoder in and it is obviously not the right part. Call Fanuc up and I am asked 'How did I get that part, because you are not able to get encoders without the complete motor/encoder assembly?'. So I had to order the entire motor with the encoder and pay a restocking fee to return the encoder.

    Why is this? Is this just to increase spare parts sales as an $1K encoder replacement is at a minimum doubled to a $2-5K motor replacement?

    Also, I noticed that all of my new robots have the same part number for the encoder even if they are obviously different encoders.