Using keyboards on the new R-30iB iPendants

  • One of the features on the new R-30iB iPendant is the ability to plug in a USB keyboard or mouse. Initially I thought this was great, but after the first time I tried it it just seemed awkward to me to have a keyboard plugged in. Then I remembered the wireless keyboard I had at home for my media computer, and decided to give that a shot. Happy to report that it works like a charm and is much less cumbersome than a regular keyboard and mouse.

    Here's the link if anybody is interested:

    It makes program commenting a lot easier and using a mouse is actually great for jumping around in a program.

    Also, a heads up: KAREL program execution is not allowed for free anymore on the new R-30iB platform. If you compile something offline and load it onto the robot, it won't run unless you purchase the RTL. They've dropped the price for KAREL to below $500 at least. I know a lot of you use the IO Comment tool available on this forum, and I've got a handful of other useful KAREL programs that I liked to use, so this is a bit of a disappointment. I haven't been able to convince anybody to tack it onto the bill yet, so that kind of sucks.

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