Step mode function

  • Is there a variable that changes how step mode works. I have been on some Fanuc's where the TP steps one line at a time (which is what I want), the robot I am on now executes until the next time taking instruction (wait or move). The reason for this is I have a lot of I/O that I need to step through slowly for trouble shooting.

    Is there a variable that changes this characteristic?


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  • Hi , This is the variable your are looking for:

    Minimum: 0 Maximum: 255 Default: 0 KCL/Data: RO Program: Not available
    UIF: RO CRTL: RO Data Type: BYTE Memory: CMOS
    Name: Single Step Statement Type
    Description: Single step statement type where: case 0 : Task is paused at each
    statement case 1 : Task is paused at motion statement only case 2 : Task is
    paused at each mnemonic statement and karel motion statement case 3 :
    Execution continue in routine
    Power Up: Change takes effect immediately.

    I guess your variable now is 1 and on my robot it's 3.
    Hope this helps.

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