Program Resume Questions

  • I am looking for info on resuming a paused program. I am using a PLC to control the robot. We are using PNS to start the program.

    I want the robot to continue its path, with input from the PLC/HMI/Operator, when there is an error. Here are a couple of the examples:

    Example 1:
    Personnel opens the door to cell by accident. Robot is faulted with a fence alarm. Operator closes door resets robot.

    Example 2:
    Operator E-stops robot in the middle of path to enter cell (Maybe they left there I-pod in the cell and didn't wont to wait until the cycle finished :mad:) After the E-stop and fence alarm, the operator resets alarms.

    In both of these examples I want the robot to continue its path. I am worried that there is a possibility of the robot restarting the path instead of continuing. I know it is possible just have never tried this method before.


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  • provided that you are not welding, or doing any line tracking. a simple cycle start on UI will continue the program from where it stopped. dont use the pns call over again. you can map the UI from DI if needed, and set the UI signals true in your settings screen. also will need the robot in remote and not local.

    there are some options from fanuc that are for returning to path, but those are more for when the robot is jogged off of its path.

    menu-next-settings - UI signals = True

  • OK.

    What will keep the system from resuming if:

    1. The robot has been jogged.
    2. The robot has been aborted and another program has started and paused from the TP.


  • This will monitor if someone has jogged the robot. i use it for auto recovery. The bit can be cleared by moving to a point in a program, ether in auto or T1.

    : DO[1:Robot Jogged]=($MOR_GRP[1].$JOGGED) ;

    you can run this in BG logic.

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