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    WOW I'm going to contact our Fanuc rep

    Right know on our shop , we are building 4 cells (2 robot, 5 robot, 4 robot, 4 robot) and we have 5 TP

    I use the web browser software a lot but many times I need the TP and I kill the whole cell

    Thanks for the info

    hi rnakingoffice

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    It's been more than three years since that question. Maybe you should ask the question opening a new thread and explaining more details

    What is the meaning or your understanding of "gripper safe".?

    Are you going to be using Irpicktool ?

    3 years I had to develop a program to deal with 90+ parts

    jmd2777 post makes a lot of sense on the vision side

    You still going to have to deal with PR57 and PR63 (pick and place) I can tell you what I did IF you are using irpicktool

    ok, one of the robots has a pendant, the other has not.

    The one without the pendant has a dummy plug with jumper.

    The moment you disconnect that dummy plug the jumpers indicate e-stop

    Don't you have that problem ?

    Hi Rodolfo

    When ABB was doing changes in the program, he was doing it first on robotstudio, checking for errors and then he was copying the changes to the pickmaster program and saving it.

    I understand the concept,

    Without destroying what he did I'm trying to do something very simple like adding a comment. A comment won't hurt the program

    so I added

    ! test line from robotstudio obviously on the robot studio program

    and I added a line

    ! test line from pickmaster

    I did this to see who saves on top of who to help me on more conclusions.

    I did that on Wednesday and I'm not in the shop until Monday so right now I can not give you details


    I just did a search in the forum and I found only 6 or 7 threads on the subject. None of them helped me

    I would like to know if some of you are using it so I can ask some questions.

    I already have installed and running (ABB did everything for me). They are gone, so I decide to "reverse engineering" what they did.

    For example

    How do I modify a line, lets say in the PickPlaceSeq.prg ? Do I use Robotstudio, do I use PM and load a program from a backup ? etc,etc

    You learn from your mistakes

    I tell you, once you crash, you will remember what you did and you'll never do it again. I'm at the point now, after teaching many brands from more than 25 years, that I check and recheck, and triple check motions and scenarios at different speeds. Sometimes I failed in the logic but (because of a misunderstanding). I DO NOT TRUST THE PLC HANDHSAKING PROGRAM AT ALL. I always simulate I/O and run the program a million times. Then I give control to the PLC. Another thing, and I can write a book in this topic, many times, things (cylinders, dial tables, fixtures) crash the robot a without a robot fault. How many times I get the OMG "the robot crash the fixture", then you go and check and the fixture was in the wrong location OR after picking thousand of parts with a vacuum tool, I get " the robot is not picking parts, can you check the program, maybe the point moved ?", My blood boils when I hear that

    The one I remember the most was a cell with two ABB 1400 facing each other. I started it the run, there were at home and I guess my initial point was bad (obviously) are they just went full speed toward the fixture, they crossed their arms like forming and X. I just heard one sound. But, you know what, I fixed the motion and the rest was perfect

    Can you find the variable ? Can you see the number ?

    Jog the robot (gently) again a table/wall and start pushing (crashing) (gently) the robot against it and look at the numbers changing on $SV_INFO[1].$Q_CURRENT[whatever]

    Once again GENTLY . That will be fine, very fine motion

    Once you see those numbers you can create a range of disturbance before it actually crashes. The problem is that in real life the robot has to move very slow


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    23: !Checks arm current ;

    24: IF ($SV_INFO[1].$Q_CURRENT[3]>.4 AND $SV_INFO[1].$Q_CURRENT[3]<(-.4)) THEN ;

    25: R[86:Overcurrent detd]=1 ;

    26: ELSE ;

    27: R[86:Overcurrent detd]=0 ;

    28: ENDIF ;


    R[8:Current axis 3]=1 ;$SV_INFO[1].$Q_CURRENT[3]


    Do you actually have a Cognex camera with IRVision ? I didn't know you can do that

    In your process, I'm a bit confused. Seems to me that you taught a part when is "cold" and after the heat treated process the part changes colours and vision can't see it

    Can you created more vision processes with different exposures and the use them accordingly ? Also there is an option on iRVision that changes the exposure automatically on the SNAP tool

    or you can use any text editor. Edit the .MOD program and you'll see all the robtargets there,

    You can replace them as you would do on any test. Then load the .MOD back


    If yo are going to do this. Please take a backup first and save it somewhere again (Now you have two backups)

    Grab one of the copies, change one robtarget first only , load the .MOD back on the controller and se how works