Changing the text for User Alarms dynamically.

  • I have a process where I want to post to the TP screen what exactly what process error happened. I am limited to 10 user alarms, so I would like to write to the user alarm variable in my tp program prior to posting the user alarm. It is a version 7.7 handling tool robot so I have use of String registers and back ground logic but haven't been able to get there.

    It would be awesome if I could simply do this, but the TP instruction options wont allow it:

    ! Part 1 not positioned correctly
    $UALRM_MSG.[1]='Incorrect part 1 positioning. Please reload part 1.'

    Or is it possible to expand the user alarm table to 100?


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  • the user alarm messages must be setup under the variables section. Is is $user_msg or something like that. The default is 10. to change this. power down. Press prev and next and continue to hold and power robot. keep holding and do a controlled start. Once up, press menu, 0 for next, and I think it is under program control or something like that where you can change user alarms from 10 to whatever. I have done 50 already with no issues. sorry I can't give exact menus but I am at home without roboguide....

  • We do this all the time in KAREL, real easy once you know some of the concepts of what you can do with it. YOu can use the TP error line at the very top of the TP or use an entire user page to display what ever you want to say.

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