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  • The manual is pretty clear on this:
    "The jog frame is a frame in which to jog easily. It allows you to align the x, y, z coordinate system about a fixture or workpiece that is rotated with respect to the world frame of the robot.
    Jog frame is a frame that you can set up in any location, with any orientation. Jog frame
    provides a convenient way to move along a part when the part is oriented differently from the world frame."

    Jog Frame is for jogging.
    User Frame is for program positions.
    I do not know/understand why they are separate.

  • I am using a jogframe with a machine that is at an angle of 20 degrees with the ground.
    The userframe is level and the jogframe is also at 20 degrees.
    So in jogframe I can move parallel with the machine easely, witch makes programming much easier.

  • I use positionregisters to calculate were to put things down and pick things up.
    These places are all level, so the userframe is too to make the calculations easier.
    You can make another userframe, but that affects all positions and have to be very carefull in switching between them so you don't mess things up.
    A jogframe is movement only and don't affect calculations.
    Makes life a bit easier. :smiling_face:

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