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    My RJ-2 robots run on a Motorola MC68020 processor helped by a MC68881 FPU from the early eighties.

    With the rate of innovation Fanuc is showing, I am pretty sure it is the same processor they are using today, or else (I hope) a successor.

    I am not aware of a windows version running on this processor, most of the time it is based on Unix.

    That is right, every safetything that is done can be undone.

    The trick is to make it as hard as possible to do that and I think that a password in combination with disabled usbports makes it hard for most people.

    Most of the time it is not nessesary, a lot of people use there brains.

    But stupid people must be protected from themselves, I don’t know why, it is certainly not an endangered spiecies…

    But if you have the ultimate solution, I would really want you to share it.

    Look at the offset register, is it still the same as it used to be ?

    When there is no offset applied, this is almost always a hardware problem and you should not try to fix this in software.

    Analyse the offset, when it grows with distance it is rotated, look at the bolts at the base of the robot.

    When the robot comes to a sudden stop there is a lot of force.

    When the offset rotates with the tooling, the problem is there. Maybe a colission ?

    When colission is not preventable, there is an option that can check and adjust your toolframe.

    When the offset is the same everywhere, the workpiece is shifted.

    You will have to make the fixture more sturdy and tell your collegues to be more carefull.

    I totaly agree with Kwakisaki.

    Give Your employer the choice between installing a password or the fact that illegal access is no longer prevented.

    Do whatever they want and if you don’t like the answer, start looking for a better employer

    They hired you to do a job and you have to have the authority to make such changes.

    If you don’t have the authority, you cannot do your job and you are not responsible for what goes wrong.

    The one that dicides has the responsebility.

    You will get this alarm when you try to start when there is a fault.

    Check your alarmhistory, there is an alarm before this and you will have to solve that before you can start.

    Also, when the encoders were without batteries, you will have to move each axis about 30 degrees to let the encoders know where the zero is.

    Do you mean the four big batteries in the base of the robot ?

    If so, look for corrosion of the batterybox and take it out and look at the outside as well. (The part that is normaly inside the robot.

    It has to be really clean.

    If the robot is still mastered, first write down the encodervalues because it is easier to work on this while the robot is powered down.

    For the digital IO I would recomend the model A modules.

    That is a backplate A03B-0807-C002 (5 slot) or A03B-0807-C001 (10 slot).

    An interface module A03B-0807-C011.

    And the IO modules A03B-0807-C154 (16 output), A03B-0807-C104 (16 input), A03B-0807-C101 (32 input) and A03B-0807-C156 (32 output)

    There are other modules as well as analog IO.

    For the other things, I have no information for these.

    It is an axis 4 and 6 aligment, and it happens when axis 5 is near zero.

    I think The axis are binary numbered in the errormessage, so the numbering is 1 2 4 8 enz.

    So that would be axis 4.

    That is so you can tell a problem between axis 2 and 3, it will give the number 6.

    You will get a limit error when the next position is not reachable, when it is a linear move, all of the intermediate positions must be reachable too.

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