power off if you want to recover

  • Our RJ3 has FSSB errors from time to time and the usual remedy is blowing off the fiber and cycling power and you can resume your task. However this time, Every time I Cycle power the TP displays the message in the error status area "Power off if you want to recover" This has happened about 8 times in a row. Does anyone have any idea at what the root cause of the message may be. Any thoughts, feedback or comments would be greatly appreciated.



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  • 5139-FSSB ERROR.....Servo initialization did not terminate normally. The optical cable may be defective, or there may be an error in connection to the amplifier or another module. Check the optical cable and the connection status.

    I can't offer any other clues, but this is a place to start.

  • Thanks for the feedback. Connections seem to be fine. My concern know is determining whether we have a bad fiber or if the problem is stemming back to something different


  • after tracing all the F/O back and checking the signal through them. Our system has one faulty cable.. Thanks again for the insight. on a side note::Does anyone know who would have the best lead time to ship cables to NE Iowa?


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