Continous axis velocity control

  • I am programming a Fanuc M-10iA to move through a sequence of positions (~20,000) where each move command has a position, time and velocity of J6 (continuous turn). Since the number of points is large, I have written code to have the robot step through a ring buffer of 250 points. The buffer is filled by PC software to keep fresh positions in the buffer. Two R[] ring buffers of the same size provide the move command with the time and J6 velocity. My problem is that the TPP commands for moves allow indirect addressing for everything but the continuous axis. A command would look like:

    L PR[R[25]] R[R[24]]sec CNT50 CTV70

    Where R[25] points to the position in the buffer of possible points PR[index] and R[24] points to a position in a buffer of move times R[index].
    The problem is that I also want to control the J6 velocity and the only command I can find is the CTVXX where XX is a fixed percent rather than an indirect variable like the other commands parts. Ideally, the command would look like:

    L PR[R[25]] R[R[24]]sec CNT50 CTV[R[23]]

    where R23 points to a variable containing the velocity. The WinTPE does not provide an option for this type of indirect control of the continuous axis.

    So far my only semi-successful approach is to create a series of IF statments that JMP to move lines with various CTV speeds. This is less than ideal due to the extra time delay between moves.

    Any ideas?


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  • This is just an update on this issue.
    It turns out (hours of experimentation) that the CTV command does allow a direct variable. This was not evident (or allowed) in the trial version of WinTPE that I was using. I recently purchased OLPCPRO and used the text editor to try combinations of command line options not documented in the manual.

    The CVT will accept a direct number: L PR[R[25]] R[R[24]]sec CNT50 CTV20
    The CVT will accept a direct variable: L PR[R[25]] R[R[24]]sec CNT50 CTV R[23]
    It will not accept an indirect variable: L PR[R[25]] R[R[24]]sec CNT50 CTV R[R[23]]

    On another subject: I found that I could use the OLPCPRO text editor to create and edit a .LS file. It then can be "Built" (compiled?) into a .tp file for export to the robot. A KEY understanding in this is that if the program is "SELECT"ed on the robot, an error about "program in use" and failed to export is given. I used the FRRobotDemo, connected to the robot via ethernet, to "SELECT" a different program. The export then works and all you have to do is use the demo program to select the new program again.

    WHO decided that it was a great idea to replace WinTPE with a graphic touch pendant with 10 visible program lines for editing TP programs in the new OLPCPRO???? A keyboard with only ones and zeros would have been almost as productive!


  • I agree WinTPE was an effective tool. Wish it was still around. The only theory I can come up with for discontinuing was that people were buying WinTPE instead of the more expensive SimPro/HandlingPro/Roboguide.

    Does your version of OLPCPRO have the 'iP' on the right of the teachpendant screen? This will toggle between the legacy teachpendant to the new ipendant displays.

  • I have OLPCPRO v8 and it does have the iP to the right. It looks like the legacy is the default. When I choose iP it looks more like the TP I have. The text editor is much better for what I'm doing but the line numbering (because I originally used WinTPE) is now painful. I understand from other posts that I could just eliminate the line numbers and I may do that soon.

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