404 EMERGENCY STOP safety controller

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  • For more clear:

    Safety interface is PROFIsafe.

    I have changed Safe RDC with usuall RDC2 and i have mounted jumper plug to X211C.

    I still can't jog the robot because of safety controller emergency stop, i want to run robot standalone , does anybody have any experience how can i run robot ?

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  • hello again,

    about the KS404 message i found this in documents:

    This message is always displayed together with at least one other message Observe the other messages to eliminate the fault.

    but i have no other message. i would greatly appreciate for any hint.

  • Thanks for your reply Fubini,

    I looked at logbook but nothing found. I have ET200S and Profisafe in controller, i had many messages when for the first time i powered on the controller .

    I re-installed KSS and replaced SafeRDC with RDC2.

    Now i have just one emergency stop message that evidently comes from profisafe, i can't find any information for help.

    I really appreciate for any help.

  • First of all you provided no details. It sounds like you have Daimler version of the cabinet hence X211C.

    If the controller was part of Roboteam, standalone operation will also require KIR jumpers on X270, X271.

    you mention replacing RDC, does thant mean you reinstalled all software without SafeOperation?

    1) read pinned topic: READ FIRST...

    2) if you have an issue with robot, post question in the correct forum section... do NOT contact me directly

    3) read 1 and 2

  • I will try explain all details:

    First of all i listed these information from robot and controller:

    1. X211c Daimler type I 42-contact

    2. SafeRDC

    3. ESC3 Tech board

    4. CP1616 & ET200S & Profisafe

    5. KSS 5.6.2

    I made a backup from H.D.D. and then jumped related contacts of X211c according to the documents. In the download section of robotforum I found KUKA.SafeOperation document and I jumped X40 related contacts (Interface X40, circuit example 1) and De-installed SafeOperation. I still had safety messages and couldn't jog the robot.

    In the next step I installed my own KSS V5.6.2 without SafeOperation, but I had this message: Kernel system and safeRDC version do not fit. so I replaced SafeRDC with RDC2. Now I just have this message: 404 emergency stop safety controller.

    In Downbuilding section of KUKA.SafeOperation document i found this: Plug SafeOperation jumper plug into A1/X23 on the ESC3 Tech board.

    Is it possible that the 404 message is related to this jumper that I don't have it's pinout?

  • 1.installing KSS 5.6.2 instead of 5.6.12#63, replacing SafeRDC with RDC2 and jumpering X23, i can jog the robot and everything is Ok.

    Is it possible to jog and run robot with SafeRDC but without its functionality? (I don't have extra RDC2)

    When I install my own KSS 5.6.2 (without safeOperation) or when I De-install SafeOperation (KSS 5.6.12#63) DSE doesn't see SafeRDC anymore.

    robot comes from Mercedes and I don't have Safety maintenance password and consequently can't deactivate the SafeOperation option.

    thanks for any help

  • Yes, it can work with SafeRDC but you will need the Safe Operation software for your KSS version

    After you install it you just switch it off.
    But without it the saferdc is not recognized and will give you an error

    Which version of Safe Operations you need?

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