How to use the Profisafe communication in TIA portal?

  • Controller: KRC4 compact

    KSS version: 8.6

    Profinet version: 4.1

    The profinet manual lists the 64 safe inputs and outputs.
    Input byte 0 for example:

    0RESReserved 1 The value 1 must be assigned to the input.
    1NHEInput for external Emergency Stop 0 = external E-STOP is active 1 = external E-STOP is not active
    2BSOperator safety 0 = operator safety is not active, e.g. safety gate open 1 = operator safety is active
    3QBSAcknowledgement of operator safety
    4SHS1Safety STOP 1 (all axes) 0 = safety stop is active 1 = safety stop is not active
    5SHS2Safety STOP 2 (all axes) 0 = safety stop is active 1 = safety stop is not active

    Is there a configured function available? Or everybody just creates their own safety program?

    I just want to combine the ESTOP of the cell with the robots ESTOP

    And the CELL door open.

    And include the Acknowledge button in the program.

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  • First, does your robot have ProfiNet, or ProfiSafe? Plain ProfiNet does not support the safety signals.

    Beyond that, the safety PLC program is generally written on a case-by-case basis. Certain companies establish standard templates, but everyone has their own way of doing it.

  • I just finished configuring Profisafe in conjunction with a S7-1215f. Import the Kuka GSDML file (can be found in the option directory on D:\ on the robot) into TIA or Step7 and set it up as a device on your network. You will find the 64 safe I/O, assign them tags or address them directly from your F-Program.

  • I cannot seem to find the GSDML file.
    I minimized to this windows environment, opened KUKA_DATA (D:) and there are subfolders:

    • InitialProject
    • KRC_Release
    • KUKA_OPT
    • RestorePoints
    • WorkVisual

    I cannot find the file you mention.

    And SkyeFire, I have the robot with the Profisafe option... so without the X11 port.

    When I use the GSDML file from the latest WorkVisual folder... Profinet 4.1

    I get errors on the Kuka SmartPad.

    - Safe device communication error ProfiNet Device

    - F destination address mismatch. PLC: 0x0001, safety configuration: 0x0007

    When I use the GSDML file from the latest WorkVisual folder... KR C4 Device 8.3

    I get errors on the Kuka SmartPad

    - Requested F-SIL exceeds supported SIL of robot controller. PLC: SIL3, robot controller: SIL2

    - The safety connection between PLC and kuka-noname could not be established because the GSDML file on the PLC is outdated

    - The configured device differs from the real device kuka-noname, Slot 0, subslot 32769

    I think the "KR C4 Device V8.3" at least somewhat communicates over the safety IO-s
    But where do I get a newer one if the WorkVisual I downloaded just now does not have newer GSDML files available.

  • My error if the GSDML isn't found on the D:\ drive...

    Make sure the profinet device name matches the name in your TIA project, as well as setting the profisafe ID in your project the same as it on the robot.

    The device name should be set in WorkVisual in the Profinet settings. In TIA set it by selecting the device and looking at the device properties > General > Profinet Interface. I used the "converted name" from TIA in Work Visual.

    The profisafe ID is default set to 7, but may need to be changed depending on other F-I/O on your network. It can be changed by going to Menu > Configuration > Safety Configuration > Communication parameters on the smartpad. In TIA, it's found by selecting the "64 Safe I/O" in the Device Overview pane, then properties > profisafe. I've attached a screenshot below of my device config.

    Additionally you may need to set up a method for re-integration if the connection to your robot is interrupted for some reason. In the GSDML I used, it created a system F-I/O DB that handled the F-status bits for integration req, ack, ect... This isn't well documented on the Kuka or Siemens side, and lead to some head scratching on my end when the F-comms would just take a dump and it would only resume after a very specific sequence of restarts with the F-PLC and robot.

  • Nice thread!!! that's a lot of information there , for PLC safety programming, there should be a professional programmer .

  • This was the issue for me:

    F destination address mismatch. PLC: 0x0001, safety configuration: 0x0007

    Thank you for pointing out that I need to change the F_Dest_Add to "7" and where to do so.

    I was convinced that I had the wrong GSDML file ... but no... it was correct.

    The TIA portal is a total onion with its many layers and settings in areas you did not know existed.

    Wonderful work guys!

    I was testing out the robot and my safety program and all of a sudden I am getting the "Safe device communication error ProfiNet Device"

    N55_6MT, was this the same for you. How did you exactly solve this?

    TIA about the error:

    Module exists.


    Differences were found between the loaded configuration and the offline project.

    The online and offline module configuration data are different.

    Additional information for the module:

    Online article number: KUKADevF64_2.4

    Offline article number: KUKA Device FIO64

    Channel diagnostics:

    Substitute values are output for the F-I/O.

    User acknowledgment at the ACK_REI tag of the F-I/O DB is required for the re-integration of the affected F-I/O to eliminate the (error) causes.

    Check the PROFIBUS DP/PROFINET IO connection and ensure that there are no external interference sources.

    Check the parameter assignment of the F-I/O in the hardware and network editor. If necessary, set a higher value for the F-monitoring time.

    In TIA there is a block "ACK_GL"
    I added this to my safety program, connected a button to it. When this button got pressed, it cleared the error.

    But it is annoying... I still need to acknowledge this on the Kuka TouchPad...
    I would like a situation where the operator would just switch on the station and would never have to touch the Robot TouchPad.

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  • Hello all.

    I also am trying to get the Profisafe connection to start working but so far havent found a solution.

    I am working with a S7-1214F CPU

    KRC4 - compact controler with KSS 8.6 and the Profisafe option

    In the TIA portal there are no errors regarding the profisafe configuration, but on the KRC 4 side there is the following error:

    KSS15002 Safe device communication error - see the attached error

    Has any one ever encoutured this error? What cold be the cause? The profinet connection however works fine.



  • hello Alex,

    red banner (presently shown at the bottom) shows that KRC4 safety configuration is created and activated but ...

    there is either no connection to a safety controller or that program in safety controller is failing to turning on PLC outputs that write to corresponding "Reserved" safety inputs in Kuka Safety (SafeOperation input ssignals such as: byte 0, bit 0)

    and since ProfiNet connection does work for non-safety signals, problem is not connection but that your PLC safety program is not keeping reserved signals on as required by SafeOperation

    1) read pinned topic: READ FIRST...

    2) if you have an issue with robot, post question in the correct forum section... do NOT contact me directly

    3) read 1 and 2

  • Hello.

    Thanks for the info. Solved the connection problem right away when I set te bit you suggested.

    I have a follow up question regarding the Profinet communication with the robot.

    I successfully mapped the first 32 bytes I/O bytes (the controller is configured for 256 I/Os in TIA Portal) of the Profinet communication so that I send JOB requests (a JOB is a motion to a specific location) to the robot and I get back the information when it is in position. This works fine.

    But now I would like to run the robot in external mode. I am used to control servo drives from siemens where you have a control word and a status word. I guess that here it's similar, but I don't know the structure of the control word and status word...

    On the smart pad I found this - Display - Inputs/Outputs - Automatic external

    My guess is that this is the control and status word's. Can you please point me in the right direction so that I know where to read them and where to change them with the PLC.

    Thanks, in advanced.

    Best regards


  • Hello.

    I looked in the Profinet manual (KUKA_PROFINET_MS_50_en.pdf), but I can't seem to find what I'm looking for. The profisafe side is explained so no problem there...

    I can't seem to get my head around how to start the robot via profinet...

  • what exactly do you mean by "start the robot" ?

    if all commissioning is done and robot is operational (can jog etc.) and you just want to control it by PLC, check AutoExternal configuration

    1) read pinned topic: READ FIRST...

    2) if you have an issue with robot, post question in the correct forum section... do NOT contact me directly

    3) read 1 and 2

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