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    ok, just to update the thread as i solved the problem - it seems there was some old piece of software that was messing up the signals or the interrupts.
    Anyway, i used a clean image of the KSS, reinstalled Usertech and Arctech and it is working fine now ;)


    Hello again from me ;)

    i had a tough day - i tried to reinstall the Arctech package and it totally killed the KSS
    Not sure what was wrong, but after i recovered the robot from an previous HDD image - i reinstalled correctly and now i am able to see the power source and to send signals.

    The only problem i have now is the HOT/COLD welding button - it wont allow me to switch to HOT weld.
    When i press it the message is: ATbg_HotRequest still TRUE
    Also the buttons for Wire forward and backward are not working - I am talking about the status buttons
    I can control wire forward and backwards through the outputs, but it seems the status keys are not defined properly.
    Any idea where to look to define them>?

    Hello everyone!
    System data:
    KUKA KR5 ARC KRC4 robot
    KSS 8.3.29

    I am installing an ArcTech Basic 1.5 package on a KSS 8.3 system
    I installed the KOP in the WoV, after that i tried to upload the project but i received message that the Option package needs to be installed on the controller.
    So i installed it through the add new technology procedure on the controller and i can see the ArcTech buttons available also the technology package is visible in the installed options.
    So i did the setup for the Fronius connection (Ethercat) and the ArcTech Basic setup - IO etc.
    When i try to upload the project - it is going through until it start the installation of the project on the controller. After that it gives me error - The required option ArcTechBasic V1.5.7.2836 is missing on the controller! - i am attaching a photo of it.
    I cannot attach the project as it is too big, but if needed i can upload somewhere an provide the download link
    I tried also to copy the project on the robot and to activate it from there, but the result is the same - it says that the option package is missing on the controller.
    Any idea what might be wrong?

    Thank you in advance!

    It seems that you did not calibrated your robot TCP or you missed to do the ABC 2 point calibration and insert the data in Sprutcam.

    I recommend you to ask your Sprutcam reseller to help you with this as it seems that you have very limited knowledge what is required.
    In short -

    1. You need to do your tool measurement - in the Kuka control panel - setup-measure-tool-XYZ 4-point method and follow the instructions. Afte

    2. You need to define your tool orientation - there is a specific method in Sprutcam Machine maker - you measure long tool + measure a short tool, enter your data in the Machine maker and you will have the ABC data of the spindle
    3. You need to get your Base coordinates - 3 point method - setup-measure-base - using the already measured tool

    After all this, with this data - tool and base - inserted in SPrutcam - you can generate code and try again :)

    Interested to hear more, as i am also currently trying to do flange welding where the robot is still, but the E1 axis (synchronous, coupled) is rotating, using Arctech, no weaving. What i found out was that the robot needs to be moved a bit for every ArcSwitch/Off move, otherwise we get an error about the start and auxiliary/end point of the circ movement.
    It seems it is a problem with the rotary axis - the system is not recognizing the move as an arc move if the robot is not moving the TCP

    The system is KRC2

    Ok, it went OK with the original servo KSP 600-3x40 and the fitted KPP 600-20-2x40 - i was able to insert the serial number and to change the FsOE address.
    I have problem to do the same with the middle KSP - KSP 600-3X20
    When i enter the serial number it is not recognised :(

    here is what message i have in WoV when i connect the device and try to insert FsOE address:

    19:53:32 Error in DTM KUKA Controller Bus (KCB): The EtherCAT masterstack reported the following error: 0x9811002A "ERROR: Slave in invalid state, e.g. not in OP (API not callable in this state)"
    19:53:32 Error in DTM KUKA Servo Pack 20A (KSP): Unhandled exception of type CommunicationException: The following communication error occurred: unknownError.

    i am attaching a photo with the error from the controller - it seems now the KSP 600-3X40 is ok, but this one fails to be in INIT state - dont know how to solve this :(


    i am working on a system where i want to add a rotary table with one axis.
    The system is:

    KR 210 R2700-2 with KRC4 cabinet and KSS 8.6.7

    Currently there are one KSP 600-3x40 and KPP3 - KPP 600-20-2x20

    What i did:

    moved the KSP 40A to the left side of the cabinet, installed KSP 600-3x20 in the middle and installed a KPP 600-20-2x40 on the right of the cabinet

    at this stage i didn't connect the motor to the KPP, i want just to configure them in the workvisual and to have it working without errors.

    After i did the configuration in the WoV, i have these errors:

    KSS15057 Multiple devices of the same type replaced. No unambiguous assignment possible
    KSS15002 Safe device communication error KUKA Servo Pack 20A (KSP)
    KSS15002 Safe device communication error KUKA Servo Pack 40A (KSP)

    - please check the attached photos for additional info.

    When i looked at the topology, i found out that the numbers of the ksps are not as per WoV instruction. May be that is the problem?

    Any idea where to look will help