Best resources for improving / learning Fanuc Robot Programming

  • Hello all, I am a robotics engineer with about 8 months of experience at this time. Most of what I've learned has been trial and error and now that I have good hands on experience with robots, I was wondering if there are any good guides out there that you might recommend for increasing my knowledge of Fanuc robots. For example, learning more about faults, I/O, the configuration menu, Karel Programs (which I have never worked with before), etc. etc. etc.

    I did find a book by One Robotics called Robot Whispering which I think I will give a try, but I'm wondering if it might be a bit too beginner level or maybe too cursory, I'm not sure since I haven't read it yet. I just wondered if anyone has any other thoughts for me. Thank you much.

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  • I do but I was looking for a guide that was a bit more user friendly than just reading through manuals.

  • If you want a specific manual not shown on the cRc website, you'll have to take the class that pertains to the subject you're interested in.

  • Adam Willea on youtube has some good videos, same with the Future Robotics page. I got a crash course by a trial and error part time robot guy at my job. he basically got the 1st fanuc robot off the ground and welding some production but it wasn't his full time job. I took over full time after 6 months of him getting things off the ground. I submerged myself in those youtube channels, google searches and this forum learning as much as i could to better understand things i was taught and things that were a little more complex. I learned things were not being set up right by the 1st guy and at this point,4 months since i took offer, I've changed about 80% of what was handed to me. I'd say if you got the basics the things i've tried will help you out as well. the robot whisperer book looked like a great resource to have, i'll probably add that to my arsenal soon as i could see it as a great thing to reference back to at times.

  • I am a robotics engineer with about 8 months of experience at this time.

    but I'm wondering if it might be a bit too beginner level or maybe too cursory

    I was looking for a guide that was a bit more user friendly than just reading through manuals

    Trust me, as a beginner, intermediate or expert do not bypass fundamental learning.

    Some guides offered publicly unless training material can skip certain fundamentals and you may find yourself getting used to 'how they present it' and not 'how it works'.

    Think of learning how to build a wall, where do you start:

    - You've seen a wall before, so you know what it looks like and how bricks appear to be organised.

    - You know what a brick is and that you use cement to adhere them to each other.

    - So actually you don't need any training do you.

    - Google and order some bricks, some cement, tools and start building following videos and pictures.

    - Just copy and paste what you see and voila, a self trained bricklayer.

    - Where are the Health and Safety policies, practices and regulations to consider.

    - The result will be a wall that is not stable, full of holes and may collapse causing harm/injury.

    Get yourself onto an STPP course (you will likely receive Roboguide too to use for a trial period).

    - get those fundamentals ticked, even if you think you know them, you will learn additional things.

    - you get the advantage of this 'one on one' situation with an expert to 'ask' questions in real time.

    - exposure is key, in your company you may not get exposure until a breakdown occurs.

    Get yourself signed up for on the Fanuc EU portal like hermann has posted.

    - you only need the standard details including company name, email, password etc.

    - grab some of the manuals,

    Get Roboguide installed and start doing some basic projects.

    - you will learn more about navigating the god forsaken menu structure Fanuc has provided.

    - you will learn to create cells, motion and programming techniques often referenced to here.

    - you can copy your existing Fanuc cells into projects for troubleshooting and modification purposes.

    Build that wall now with:

    - firm foundations (fundamentals).

    - correct tools and material.

    - fit those bricks not based on a picture now, but with fundamentals applicable to wall building.

    - you will then have a stable wall, without holes and be building walls in your sleep.

    *** Please note, you could build a wall using Roboguide if you like ***

    Enjoy your journey........ :top:

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