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    Is the brake plugged into the main servo amp, or the aux amp?

    How do you have the brake setup in the maintenance setup screen that is accessed through a controlled start?

    Yes, this is an operating system error. When the fault occurs, take a full MD: backup (from the file menu, set device as MD, highlight *.* and copy to ud1 or MC) and send it to Fanuc. There is usually no other way to troubleshoot, but the few times I've run into it, they've solved it. The issues have always been odd or obscure, like changing a payload schedule to an uninitialized payload, or forgetting to hit done on a pallet tool setup screen.

    The lock_preg instruction does not prevent execution, it prevents modification of the data so that the robot can look at it earlier in the path planner. I've never seen it have any effect on newer robots, but I've been told that on the first RJ controllers, it made a difference.

    At the rear end of the balancer there are some empty threaded holes. Those holes are for jacking screws that are used to adjust the position of the balancer shaft. You MUST make sure that the balancer is fully retracted when you pull the balancer! If not, when you try to pull it off of the robot, there will be a massive force trying to pull it back together.

    Jog J2 and J3 to zero, and then insert the jacking screws and tighten them, this will preload the shaft and make removal and reinstallation much easier. If you are completely replacing the balancer, you will have to install the jacking bolts on the new balancer and adjust them as you install the new unit.

    I've never found this info in any manual, but luckily I have a much older mentor who passed this info on to me. I can't understand how Fanuc simply passes over this mandatory knowledge in their documentation.

    1. Those options will appear after doing an initial system software load. Many people choose to pay Fanuc to install the software, so they are already taken care of.

    2, 3, & 4. To change these settings at any time: perform a controlled start, then MENU>Maintenance and then F4 for MANUAL

    I just tried to register with them. If they do offer the manuals for free, this will be an amazing resource for those of you who don't have access to the CRC's manual section.

    Fingers crossed.

    P and PR's can both either be taught as Cartesian or Joint representation. The biggest difference is that P points are local to a program and have both a user frame and a user tool associated with them, while PR's do not.

    I did not think it would work, but yes you can apply a Cartesian offset to a position that was recorded in joint representation.

    Also, I did not mention this before, but offsets can be applied to both P points as well as PR's. Both of these are valid:

    1. L P[85:] R[32:S180 Spray Speed]inch/min CNT100 EV100% Tool_Offset, PR[1:Spray Offset];
    2. L PR[10: Master Taught Point] R[32:S180 Spray Speed]inch/min CNT100 EV100% Tool_Offset, PR[1:Spray Offset];