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    ... It doesn't show external axis...

    Yes you are right, there are no so namend external axis, but there are independent axis, I named them external axis.

    To clarifiy your setup: You have a standard 6 axis robot and external equipment with at least 3 axis? Then the setup should be ok, and you don't have to delete anything,

    If you only have the standard 6 axis robot and no other axis connected to the cabinet you have to delete those groups 2..4 independent axis. select the group and press F4/Manual.

    Never had a problem with crossover cables, except a small amount of krc2 controllers that didn't activate the network interface when nothing was connected during boot time. In that case a switch is a good solution, if he is switched on before booting the controller.

    ... Once I have these programs running in the background (as my KAREL program already is), how do I stop them? ....

    ...This will make it ignore pretty much all pause and abort requests, so I recommend adding in a register or some other method to stop the task if needed.

    I go over it in detail in Re: DCS automatic restart thread....

    Create a state in your statemachine in the Karel program that ends the inifinte loop. Or just read a flag/register or something else to stop the loop.

    I'm trying to figure out how to get around the UOP issue.

    You can assign the UOPs to the Flags i.e. Rack 34 Slot 1, then you can access the UOP through the flags. Flags have DataType 35.

    You don't have to handle with the DataTypes if you use Sharepoint Designer you can change that with an "normal" property dialog after double clicking the activeX element.

    In RG some UOP don't work like on real robot, think this is neccessary for making the simulation work.

    ... It displays properly on the RoboGuide pendant browser, but if I point an external browser (IE 11on my RG host) at the same STM page, the display is oddly broken. What's the most strange about this is that, if I look at the raw .STM source, it's almost all just plain HTML -- the only "exotic" bits are the Ajax controls. I wanted to use an external browser to help with debugging, using the Page Inspection tools....

    Haven't tried that example (I don't have that .zip file, only the documentation), but I think those buttons/leds are activeX controls (nothing to do with ajax).

    So you have to install those activeX controls on the computer where you use the IE (should already be done by installing RG).

    Unfortunately the newer browsers like Firefox don't support axtiveX controls anymore, and for IE you have to change security premissions for the robot homepage. But it's really not worth the time you have to spend.

    Don't use a wifi dongle, that needs installation of drivers and additional confgurations in the system (may be it works, but no guarantee). Always use the already existing network plug. The other things are up to you and your network requirements.

    You can connect a cable, a switch or a wireless hub via cable to the network interface of the robot (some have already a switch installed).

    As already stated most of the ipendant controls don't work on an external browser.

    Don't waste your time with that. I did that already, if you want to use an external browser you have to use the examples from chapter B3 (form example) and B4(ajax example) in the manual.

    In my manual there is an explicit reference to Sharepoint Designer, and a complete chapter about working with Sharepoint Designer.

    For me that works very good, for some things I also use Notepad++.

    Nope, if you look closer to the code you will see that the action is triggered by the input nr. 43.

    This cwrite ($cmd.... is an internal communication channel, where the robot interpreter can communicate to the system kernel.

    That used to work in the RJ3iB days, but Fanuc got wise (greedy) and made Karel a paid option on anything v7.50 and later.

    I have done it a month or two ago, on a robot with V9.10P/23, it works like a charm. May be I had luck and it's optional from 9.2 and later, or they made a mistake while creating the system.

    The full capabilities of activeX controls only work on the robot. Some things like f.e. setting an output, flag or register don't work on an external browser.


    Sorry, I was not clear. The old way to create custom STM files was to use Microsoft SharePoint Designer and to install Fanuc's iPendant Controls. It looks like the new version of the robot controllers don't use SharePoint anymore. So it may be similar, but I haven't used it yet.

    Sharpoint Designer can still be used for creating the STM files. The robot controller doesn't use the program with which you created the STM file, you even can create the STM file with notepad, if you know what content they have to have (that will not be a good option but possible).