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    I don't think I've seen a robot run differently from roboguide. In cases where I run into the axis limits I put in a joint move to avoid the axis limit. When you are doing linear moves the robot will try to take the fastest route to the next point, sometimes that route ends up wrapping up the joints. If you put in a joint move that gets you moving in the direction you want while unwrapping your joints it should pick up as normal from there.

    Also, you can extend the allowable range on some (maybe all, I don't recall exactly) of the joints. I usually avoid this unless it's needed for reach, not so much to accommodate moves.

    Hey Alan, where is this option/variable to extend the range on Fanuc R30iA and iBs? Might be useful in the future.

    Good afternoon, I have a R30i-A Fanuc robot controller and working on wiring up the fence (EAS) section inside the panel. Am I able to run these two channels directly through a door interlock alone or do I need an additional safety relay? So when the door is closed, the two N.O. contacts on the door interlock itself will shut and then complete the circuit for the EAS1 and 2. The door interlock is safety rated. So whenever the door is open, it will immediately kill the EAS circuit and cause a fence fault on the robot.


    Good morning guys, I'm looking for the direct replacement bolts from Fanuc? We will be swapping out a reducer and I wanted to replace all bolts, but Fanuc did not have these in stock. I wanted to purchase from McMaster, but not exactly sure what the direct replacement is? Here are the Fanuc part #s:

    A6-BA-8X16 cap screw

    A6-BA-8X25 cap screw


    Hey guys, just wanted to clarify one thing. If I unplug the RM1 and RP1 cable from my robot and replug in, will this lose any memory from the encoder? I believe unplugging the RP1 will lose all encoder info and I'll have to remaster/cal the robot, but the RM1 cable is just high voltage power lines to all the motors, correct? Thanks and have a great weekend!

    Good morning all, hope everyone is doing well.

    I have both R30iA and R30iB Fanuc controllers, and interested in getting a signal back from the robot if it waits over 90 seconds at any line of code. Do I have to use a digital output for this along with background programming or is there a signal I can grab somewhere from inside the controller? Looking for a 24VDC signal from the robot.


    Does unplugging teach pendant with power on actually do damage? I thought our guys may have done these hot swaps without too much problem. Usually there is a fuse you can swap on the board where teach pendant plugs up. You may have to swap the board out also. What is the exact fault you are getting? Make sure that the estop isn't pressed in on the new teach pendant, sometimes it's already pressed in once installed.

    Best thing to do as well would be to call Fanuc Robotics group directly and get there input also.

    If you have switch on robot controller in "T1 mode" and teach pendant switch to "on", then you can hold dead man switch and shift key to move robot around using the blue joint buttons on the left.

    If robot controller switch is in "auto" and teach pendant switch is "off", then you can hit reset and cycle start to run whichever program you have selected on your teach pendant, usually "main".

    Could someone explain the difference between controlled, cold, and hot start, and when to use any of these? Also, wouldn't a normal bootup be considered a controlled start perhaps?


    Does anyone know the part # for these grease fittings? I need to order some, but Fanuc tech support seems really backed up today. I have the same robot, M710iC/50, and need to replace the fittings on the robot itself on Joint 2, but assuming all joints have the same fitting?


    I had a friend take a math test, and calculator needed to be in degrees, but he left it all in Radians. Got everything wrong! Haha luckily teacher was cool enough to convert to degrees and give him good grade.

    Your air lines may be good, but check power going into solenoid valve. You should see some form of a light turn on (on the valve itself) whenever you activate the RO1 or RO2. If this light is not coming on, then most likely a wiring issue to the valves. Not sure how your i/o is wired, but if you are using fanuc i/o block, you should be able to measure 24vdc from the output of the cards going into the valve. Or if you are using PLC, then the same applies, you should see 24vdc from output of card going into valves.

    I'm assuming you were not using these valves with the welding head and only recently added them?

    What's USB size? I can never get anything more than 2 GB to work, so maybe try smaller memory on flash drive. I'm very surprised the MC card didn't work. Did you try to get answers from Fanuc directly? They would definitely point you in the right direction.

    I don't get how the witness marks are unreliable though? My fanuc robots don't have any vision, but whenever we master, we always use the witness marks and that gets us extremely close usually. May have to touch up a point or to. Doesn't make sense why Fanuc would have the witness marks off by a degree or two, that would definitely ruin the entire mastering process?