Need a signal when Robot waits too long

  • Good morning all, hope everyone is doing well.

    I have both R30iA and R30iB Fanuc controllers, and interested in getting a signal back from the robot if it waits over 90 seconds at any line of code. Do I have to use a digital output for this along with background programming or is there a signal I can grab somewhere from inside the controller? Looking for a 24VDC signal from the robot.


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  • I would use the "wait timeout lbl" as Skyfire mentioned above. It is in hundredths of seconds, so 1000 = 10 seconds.

    Then in your lbl turn on your output, then jump back to the wait. If it clears the wait instruction then always turn off the output. Also turn off the output at the beginning of your program in case it was left on.

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