How to auto reset SRVO-004 using the plc output to the robot

  • Does anyone know how I can automatically reset SRVO-004 (fence open) without having to use the teach pendant or the controller reset buttons? I am currently using ethernet/ip set up to uop and digital I/O. I suspect there is a system variable that will automatically reset the fault when it is not present, but I don't know. Also, if I could use a DI to toggle the SI 1 bit I think that would work but I am not sure how to accomplish this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  • I have tried to reset this fault with ui 5 ,fault reset, and even though I can see that my plc output is working and ui 5 is coming on it will not reset this fault. Is there another ui bit used for this reset?

  • ui signals are set to true in the configuration screen. The fault is clear. The light curtains, when tripped, open a set of safety relays that open the circuit that goes to eas1, eas11, easy, and eas21. When I use a reset pb this circuit is re-established. The only problem is I have to push either the tp reset button or the controller reset button. Very frustrating.

  • Verify the wiring to ensure that both sets of safety contacts are closing at the same time. (1-11 and 2-21). If they are not it could be a single channel fault.

    Also ensure that the door to the Robot controller cabinet is secured shut.

  • I got it fixed and I am not sure what the problem was. It just started working. That really bugs me but I absolutely did nothing.

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