Fanuc model R-J3iB motor turns off when key is moved from Auto mode

  • Hello,

    I'm having a problem where I cannot move my arm to it's safe location due to the motor turning off and causing an external emergency stop to trigger. I have reset the power, cleaned active alarms and reset the power without any luck. Any advise is appreciated.

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  • The motors are supposed to turn off when you put any robot into teach. Then you must use the pendant enabling device to turn the motor on in teach. Perhaps there is something going on in (I assume a robot cell) where it is wired somehow that the cell must change mode to manual as well for you to move the robot.

  • If you have switch on robot controller in "T1 mode" and teach pendant switch to "on", then you can hold dead man switch and shift key to move robot around using the blue joint buttons on the left.

    If robot controller switch is in "auto" and teach pendant switch is "off", then you can hit reset and cycle start to run whichever program you have selected on your teach pendant, usually "main".

  • For me I believe it's a miscommunication between my CP and my TP as my robot arm is in a non home location not allowing me to use my CP in auto but when I try and move over to T1/T2 my CP power shuts off and denies me any use of my TP to move the arm.

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