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    I physically removed the J1 motor from the robot and left it electrically connected. When I ran it in either direction it would make a grinding sound and jerk instead of spin smoothly. So, I sent it out to be inspected/repaired and the bearings were bad. I guess the combined torque of turning the robot (X1-2) and bad bearings were enough to cause the immediate collision detect error.

    I don't think it's any of those things and here is why:

    I physically removed the motor from j1 and can turn the axis by hand and it is smooth.

    J1 and its gear reducer were full of clean grease.

    I left the brake and the encoder plugged in and turned power on. Then I held the deadman switch and pressed <Shift> and tapped <X1> to apply power to the brake.

    It was just as hard to turn the motor shaft as without power.

    Next, I put a meter on the terminals of the brake wires while it was plugged into the motor and only read 41 volts DC.

    The side of the motor has a label that reads DC90V BRAKE FOR ROBOT.

    So, I'm thinking there is a problem from the controller.

    I've been tasked with refurbishing our training station. I was basically handed a box of parts and said, "Make it work".

    After putting all the parts together I've discovered that it's a LR Mate 200iC connected to a R-30iA Mate controller. At first J1 was moving back and forth fine, but now it instantly quits and throws up a SRVO-050 Collision detect alarm. I'm wondering what would typically cause this before I start pulling the mechanical unit apart.

    This is what's really happening. They either only want trained people using their manuals, or it's a huge wall to get people to spend money on training to get a manual whenever they need it. Either way I recommend you send at least one person to FANUC training.


    I need a copy of: FANUC Robot LR Mate 200iC Mechanical Unit Maintenance Manual so that I can tear down our LR Mate 200iC Type: A05B-1139-B204 NO. 7513604 As it's turning on it's X axis about half way it clunks and trips for a collision detect.


    William, unfortunately, we are not able to send or sell a maintenance manual to users that have not gone through the mechanical disassembly class. -------------------------- Regards, Mike ----- FANUC Technical Support has Closed this TSL, if for any reason you feel a solution has not been provided please reply to this e-mail and we will continue to assist you until the problem is solved =========================================================================== FANUC is in the process of transitioning to a new ERP system that will allow us to better serve our valued customers. We appreciate your patience and apologize in advance for any delay you might experience. For all urgent matters, please call us at 888-FANUC-US.