Missing reception of network frames (Frame Response Error (Limit=10))

  • Have a Kuka KR C5 micro controller, operated with SmartPad with Version 8.7.1.

    I'm rying to run the communication through two network switch. This started fine and I where able to run the robot as normal.

    First i got an alarm without stopping the system;

    KSS13123 - Increasing Number of Communication Errors (Lost-frame)

    Then suddenly communication drops out for 1-2 sec before it's up and running again all by it self. After this operation is back to normal.

    Error codes coming up is:

    KSS13008 - Ethercat bus errror

    KSS13016 - Missing reception of network frames (Frame Response Error (limit=10))

    - This error says that increasing the BusCycleTimeMs=4 could help. I've tried this without success.

    -Is it possible to increase the Frame response error Limit=10 any higher? Where can I find this?

    -is there any other "watchdogs" it could be worth trying to adjust for a solution?

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  • An EIP connection between the SmartPad and KRC? That's new. Historically, the SP has always had a dedicated non-ethernet cable for direct connection to the KRC. And looking at the photos of the KRC5 Micro online, it appears to still have that connector. I've never seen a network switch between a SP and KRC.

    Basic network troubleshooting would be to try connecting the SP directly to the KRC, with no switches in the way, and ensure that works properly. Then try one switch. Then two. Also, try isolating those switches from any other traffic -- quite possibly, some other traffic is causing unacceptable packet delays.

    I doubt there is any way to open the timing window, as the SP is a safety-critical device (deadman and E-Stop), and as such has a very low tolerance for packet delays -- the RIA spec requirements for safety-qualified network devices are very tight. If the switches are managed, you might try configuring them to give maximum priority to the traffic routed between the KRC and SP.

  • Ethernet/IP is a type of a fieldbus. this is not to be confused with Ethernet IP. Note the spelling difference.

    smartPad uses Ethernet connection but it is not Ethernet/IP. also smartPad has a safety node so latency must be very low. adding Ethernet switches increases latency. and like with any real time network, Etherent switches must be special type.

    limit 10 is just a count. it is a number of missing messages before fault is displayed. if you change this to 10000, you would still have exactly the same issue (no communication) but it would take 1000x longer to see the message and reconnect.

    so why are you tampering with this anyway?

    1) read pinned topic: READ FIRST...

    2) if you have an issue with robot, post question in the correct forum section... do NOT contact me directly

    3) read 1 and 2

  • First thing first; I forgot a tiny detail, between the switches we also have two Wi-Fi antennas. The reason panic mode , is that we are going to operate the robot remotely from a distance.

    Yes, I understand this will increase the latency dramatically. But the robot are sometimes working for 10-20minutes without any errors, therefore I was hoping we where working just on the edge, and a tiny adjustment in the tolerance of missed/delayed messages would help.

    I'm starting to think that the communication is actually never completely lost, it's just the system stopping the operation when a small delay occurs in the communication.

    panic mode , Do you know how to adjust this limit higher than 10? Or how to adjust the tolerance of latency? I believe this would help due to the fact that the system is working completely fine most of the time.

    SkyeFire ; Yes also this was delivered with that dedicated cable and plugg to the SmartPad. This cable contains power and communication to the SmartPad. We have Split these two and are now sending the communication through our Wi-Fi system. Everything works perfectly fine through one switch, and the original cable. So I guess the issues is with the increased latency in the wifi antennas.

    I will try to set up max priority in the antennas and switches.

  • i suppose that is the retry limit ws_max_retry in


    Good morning

    Was trying to locate C:\KRC\SmartPad\Application\ROBKCP\kcp.conf

    But my C drive is arranged some different. I do not have the folder "SmartPad" but I have"SmartHMI".

    I can not find anything named "ROBKCP" or "kcp.comfig" in any folder in the robot.

    Any idea how to locate the retry limit then?

  • Would virtual remote pendant not be more suitable for this?

    Well yes, but then we loose the opportunity to jog the robot with the 3D mouse on the SmartPad.

    The plan is to program a 3D mouse from a laptop, probably in combination with Virtual Remote Pendant.

    Any tips regarding this is also much appreciated.

  • READ FIRST does not give you fish, it tells you how to fish (which should be obvious...) since reading and critical thinking are essential skills in tech world.

    topic READ FIRST tells you several important things, including how to ask others for help (GIGO principle), what the useful tools are, how to access KUKA documentation portal etc. this is what you should be using but you are failing on every single point even after reading READ FIRST.

    GIGO says if you want more detailed help, you need to provide more details yourself, or response you get may be about KSS5.2 or KSS2.2.8. in this case i was not trying to punish you for this lack of info on your end, so i offered response based on KSS8.5 which is the most recent version i have. and when that did not work for you i offered the chance to read READ FIRST. and it still did not work...

    so here is what you should be getting from all this:

    1. C:\ folder structure is different on different Windows and KSS versions. (you never mentioned yours).

    2. you should try to watch the spelling. i could not find "kcp.comfig" either

    3. Some folders/path may be hidden. how well you know Windows?

    4. you can use tool called Everything to look for files if you know parts of file name.

    5. you can use tool called AgentRansack to look for files if you know parts of file content.

    those are the same things i used to find what was posted in reply #7 and it took less than a minute.

    btw i never looked in that folder or searched for anything of this kind before.

    this confirms "it's how you use it..."

    1) read pinned topic: READ FIRST...

    2) if you have an issue with robot, post question in the correct forum section... do NOT contact me directly

    3) read 1 and 2

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