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    i suppose that is the retry limit ws_max_retry in


    Good morning

    Was trying to locate C:\KRC\SmartPad\Application\ROBKCP\kcp.conf

    But my C drive is arranged some different. I do not have the folder "SmartPad" but I have"SmartHMI".

    I can not find anything named "ROBKCP" or "kcp.comfig" in any folder in the robot.

    Any idea how to locate the retry limit then?

    First thing first; I forgot a tiny detail, between the switches we also have two Wi-Fi antennas. The reason panic mode , is that we are going to operate the robot remotely from a distance.

    Yes, I understand this will increase the latency dramatically. But the robot are sometimes working for 10-20minutes without any errors, therefore I was hoping we where working just on the edge, and a tiny adjustment in the tolerance of missed/delayed messages would help.

    I'm starting to think that the communication is actually never completely lost, it's just the system stopping the operation when a small delay occurs in the communication.

    panic mode , Do you know how to adjust this limit higher than 10? Or how to adjust the tolerance of latency? I believe this would help due to the fact that the system is working completely fine most of the time.

    SkyeFire ; Yes also this was delivered with that dedicated cable and plugg to the SmartPad. This cable contains power and communication to the SmartPad. We have Split these two and are now sending the communication through our Wi-Fi system. Everything works perfectly fine through one switch, and the original cable. So I guess the issues is with the increased latency in the wifi antennas.

    I will try to set up max priority in the antennas and switches.

    Have a Kuka KR C5 micro controller, operated with SmartPad with Version 8.7.1.

    I'm rying to run the communication through two network switch. This started fine and I where able to run the robot as normal.

    First i got an alarm without stopping the system;

    KSS13123 - Increasing Number of Communication Errors (Lost-frame)

    Then suddenly communication drops out for 1-2 sec before it's up and running again all by it self. After this operation is back to normal.

    Error codes coming up is:

    KSS13008 - Ethercat bus errror

    KSS13016 - Missing reception of network frames (Frame Response Error (limit=10))

    - This error says that increasing the BusCycleTimeMs=4 could help. I've tried this without success.

    -Is it possible to increase the Frame response error Limit=10 any higher? Where can I find this?

    -is there any other "watchdogs" it could be worth trying to adjust for a solution?

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