Robot points are off

  • I recently set up a program and everything was fine. I am using tool frame 1 and user frame 0. All points were good. I came back this weekend and all points are now off, like they have been shifted from the original positions. I haven't made any changes to either frame and unless somebody else has done that without realizing it I'm not sure how this could have happened. Any ideas from anybody would be greatly appreciated. I really don't want to have to touch up all the points again.

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  • Most common issue is that something has physically moved. Check for loose bolts on robot base, end effector, and fixture. Check if the end effector is bent. Do you have everything anchored properly to the floor?

    Also, this is why you should teach a user frame and not use UF 0.

    People always claim the robot somehow changed position, but in my experience that has never proven to be true and the issue always ended up being mechanical.

  • everything looks fine as far as anything having moved. I checked the tool frame data and it looks like the x and y values have been erased. No idea how this happened. If I teach the tool frame again I should get closer to the original points. I didn't use a user frame because the table that holds the parts is cluttered with fixtures so I just used frame 0 so it would reference the robot world frame

  • Glad you found the issue. Now just have to make sure someone isn't accidentally changing the program.

    As for your user frame, I would have taught a single frame for the table itself. If the table ever gets bumped out of position you will have to reteach everything.

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