Easy way to adjust all points in the programs? For example +5mm on Z for all points

  • So I am dealing with a maintenance issue where I have to regularly adjust the pickup points and loading points into the machines that the robot is loading, because the parts that are coming from production and need to be loaded onto the machines are sometimes of different heights, so it is common that I have to readjust many of the points.

    Right now I am rewriting everything from scratch, because I want to add more functionality into my programs and this is one of the features that I want to add, but what is the best way to go about it?

    Should I make a program that will recalculate all points and work only with PRs (so that I can easily update all points used in different programs)?

    Should I add a parasite variable to offset all of the points? Parasite, because it will be everywhere.

    Any other ways or functionalities of the TP language that I am not aware of?

  • You have several option.

    Maybe easiest is Program Adjust function (MENU -> UTILITIES -> Prog Adj.

    This function lets you shift whole or part of a program.

    Next option is that you write program in specific UFRAME and then change that UFRAME.

    You can also add OFFSET PR[x] command to all points in a program and edit PR[x].

  • Thanks, I did not know about the Prog Adj function, would that adjust every single point in the program, both Ps and PRs? If yes, then if I apply it to multiple programs that use the same PRs, they would get shifted multiple times, correct?

    I too thought about the offset PR command, but that would pollute the whole code, but I may end up doing it, the frames idea seems like the cleanest option and I may do that! That way, I will just need to adjust 3 frames, which would take 15 seconds! Thanks!

  • you can use the RUN command to run a separate program that updates the Z direction of a PR by a R then sets a UFRAME to that PR. That way you can adjust the UFRAME just by setting a Register value, which can be done through the Teach Pendant while the robot is running.

    This way you can change the value on the fly without downtime.

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