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    Here is what I have used in the past:

    Server tags are under SETUP>HOST COMM>[SHOW] (F4)>SERVERS

    You should see something like the following:

    On the filezilla side, make sure you set your remote directory as \md:

    This sounds nearly identical to a project I am working on.

    Looks like the ABB supports TCP/IP communications at least back to v5.16. I was able to create a virtual controller that was able to talk via TCP/IP sockets on v5.16.

    Looks like you can create UDP sockets on v6.10, but on the v5.16 version the SocketCreate command is missing the optional \UDP command.


    Also, I believe you would hook up to the LAN port, and then X-start the robot to assign it's IP address. Be sure not to assign the IP address in the same subnet ( as the service port.

    Odd. I compiled your code, and it works fine on my machine. I tested it with your values and a few others.

    Maybe try deleting your code and the vr file it leaves, then recompile and see if it works.


    I'm outside of my comfort zone, and working on a small job programming a KRC2 2005 edition with a KR 30 arm. It is running V5.5.10. This robot is essentially a demo robot that will live in a conference room, and mirror the user's right hand motions which are streamed in via RS232. Hand coordinates are produced by a C# application interfacing with a Azure Kinect depth camera. The robot has no tool on it.

    I've got it up and running and figured I would ask the experts here for their opinion on ball of code I've managed to produce in the last few days. The core of it built around @SkyeFire's code in this thread. Just to get the warm and fuzzies that I am not doing anything drastically wrong.

    Here is the .scr module:

    and the .dat file:

    One thing I am running into (in teach high speed) is that when the robot reaches the shift point, it engages the brakes, then releases them when it jumps back up and reads in another position. Is there a way to prevent that behavior? AKA keep the brakes released.

    Also, if anyone has any suggestions on how to speed up the code so the robot is more responsive I am all ears. I've had to slow the streaming down on the computer side to about 1Hz. Otherwise I get buffer overflow errors. Also if anyone knows how to clear the buffer, that would be helpful.

    .va files should be human readable. .vr is the binary version. Might have a weird line ending encoding, but should still be readable.

    Here is a snip of what I get from in one of my backups:

    The MD: drive is what the backup all pulls from when it does a backup. It is like the C: drive on a computer. Most files in the controller live there. I just FTP in and pull the whole thing, that way it is easier to investigate issues. A MD: backup is what Fanuc will typically ask from when diagnosing issues. will have the frame data to 3 decimal places, but no comments. Frame.dg will have the frame data to 1 decimal place, with comments.

    I typically do backups of the MD: drive, so I am not sure if you will get those with a Backup all, or a Backup ASCII.

    The easiest way would be to purchase the menu utility (Option R577). With it you can quickly create menus where the operator can type in numbers, select from a list, stuff like that.

    I am not sure how much it runs, but knowing Fanuc, probably $550.