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    Not to my knowledge. From what I have seen, the robot modifies the distance of it's wrist center to faceplate, defined by $MRR_GRP[1].$DH_D[6]. Without the flange, it is -175, with it, it is -198.

    That variable is write protected.

    This seems to be a frequently asked question on here and although I don't have any robots that require KFloppy maybe we could make this a sticky thread where the download is easily available? As long as it isn't against any rules of the forum that is.

    Yeah, I'll probably move this thread to the tools subforum after a couple of days.

    I feel like this may be a case of Hanlon's Razor.

    "Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity."

    With that said, Not right out of the box. You would have to write a karel routine to monitor the background variables, then run that in the background.

    There is also the if your robot is setup with it. It captures screen shots and program changes, with time stamps. Just make sure the robot's time is set right, as they are set to Japan time when they ship.

    Another option would be to take a ftp backup every 5 minutes or so, and then run a diff command on the previous vs the current, and see if anything changed.

    You can disable group motion under the test menu. The robot will run as if it is moving, but no real motion will happen.

    You can also enable 0% speed override in system config, and dropping the robot to 0% speed will stop it. You have to be on V9 or higher for this though.

    It is possible to crash the ftp server on the robot without the rest of the robot going down. I've done it a few times. A reboot does fix it.

    Another option may be to restart the service on robot, which is under host comm, then servers in the details tab. I haven't tried this though.

    MotionPro should be able to record individual joint positions and export them as a .csv. I've only ever used it on real robots though, but I see no reason on why it couldn't be hooked up to a virtual robot. It is a separate license though.

    Regarding another TCP, no way to do that, but would the tool trace work? It draws the tooling CAD at every point. Maybe replacing your tooling CAD with different colored small spheres at each point you want to monitor would work. DCS trace would be an option as well, placing small spheres (points in DCS) where you need them, but it would be harder to track what is what, since everything is green. The CAD replacement idea would only work for tooling cad attached to J6, but the DCS idea would work for points attached to any part of the robot.

    Final question, why do you need to do this?

    I use a .cm file to setup reference positions for touch up on new installs.

    I got a quote from Fanuc for the DCS manual last year for $110. To give you an idea on price of manuals, per.

    Seeing as how the latest Fanuc manual CD has 68 manuals on it, it would be quite a bit to purchase each one individually.

    Not any known way. There was a guy on the forum a few years ago claiming he made a decompiler, but never provided any proof.

    Keep in mind that the Wjnt motion option only affects the wrist ("wrist joint," axes 4-5-6).

    Linear + Wjnt should work for a config change between NUT/FUT and vice-versa since you are only changing the wrist configuration, but I would expect to see a fault if you change the elbow/arm config.

    Edit: Also keep in mind that the other robot axes will have to compensate for the joint interpolation of the wrist to maintain a linear path when using Wjnt. In general, if you don't need the TCP to move in a straight line, it's probably better to just use a joint move.

    I decided to try a change from NUT to NDT using a linear move and wrist joint, and wow, it behaves oddly.

    The controller (V8.30/23 in my test) does not fault, it actually executes the move, and gets the TCP to the XYZ position of the point, but does not match the WPR of the point. This was done using a fine move.

    Worse yet, is that once you are there, if you attempt to jog away, the controller then decides to execute the rest of the move! =O

    Moral of the story, don't use wrist joint for altering configs of the major axes of the arm.