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    In manual, I mean in repeat mode but initated by a button to send the robot home after it has stopped operation during a program. A continuation of same program isn't ideal, so we would prime another program and send it hone. Sorry for the confusion

    The button would only work in manual operations and not in automatic.. or repeat. Would a PCTASK abort the current program and call and run the return program. Would RPS be an easier way for this situation. I wouldn't need a main routine in that case.

    yes sir exactly. This would be needed in a situation that stopped the robot, a restart from where it was stopped wouldn't work. We would need to abort the current program it was in and call the return home program until the robot was at home. We could just load a return program in teach and step in through, but a manual button could do the same except not being in teach mode.

    So, in a faulted condition, I want to go to manual mode without going into teach and by pressing a button have the robot load pg4 into the stack and as long as i am holding the button, have the robot step through the return home prg. At that point I could prime main and continue on. Sorry if I am not explaining very well.

    Here is the code for the main prg.

    100 HOME

    WAIT SIG(1020,1030) ; OK TO START

    TWAIT 0.2

    pg= BITS(1041,4) ; PROGRAM VARIABLES

    IF pg ==1 THEN

    CALL pg1


    IF pg ==2 THEN

    CALL pg2


    IF pg ==3 THEN

    CALL pg4


    GOTO 100

    As you can see, the main prg. is very basic with only a few programs. If anything went wrong in pgs. 1/2 , I would want to go to manual and call up prg. 4 to return the robot home. Again, I would want to do this as a manual return to home . Currently if there is a fault in prgs. 1/2, after clearing the fault the robot will continue on with the same program. I will need to call up prg. 4 while in manual and return the robot in this manner. Thanks again, sorry for any confusion.

    I am working with an RS010, F controller and having issues with a manual return to home program. I am using a basic AS language main program with BITS and IF commands to call selected programs. This routine is working well, the issue is trying to call a return to home program in the event there is an issue while running a current program. In that event, I will go to manual and press a button to call up the return to home program. I am never getting the return to home program to load into the robot queue. I have looked at manuals and tried different plc logic changes, but still struggling. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    The error code was (#213) Cannot execute a program because of EXT_IT. I would have to recreate to get screenshots and unable to do so currently. In AUX. 111 EXT_IT is set to reset.

    I recently wanted to run a program by using the EXECUTE command. When I try to do this, I get an error message. Basically, cannot execute because of EXT_IT. This is a C controller FS10 series robot. We do use RPS for signals back and forth from plc to robot. Searching for the error hasn't produced any results. Any help would be greatly appreciated,

    Sorry for the confusion. The values for the current tool assembly are , 0,535,725,90,90,90. The new tool assembly will actually extend in the Z direction(tool) and not extend as far in the Y(tool)

    direction. So I could just use the TOOL command and change the transformation values without doing any TCP reteaching. The new tool would be something like, 0,300,900,90,90,90. If that is correct, I wouldn't need to use QTOOL or any of the AUX functions above.

    I thought I would use aux 0405 to teach the new tcp. I can see the advantages of using QTOOL now, thanks for the explanation. So, on a different train of thought...If I use the same tool and end up using a different arm to attach it to joint 6, what would be the best way to change the values. The current arm is straight out of joint 6 and then angles down to the tool. The new tool arm would be just straight out of joint 6 without a 90 bend.

    I am getting ready to change the current tool out for a different tool on a ZZX165U D controller. I looked through the Aux settings and noticed that Aux 0304 , 0305, 0405 don't have any data listed for the old tool. The Qtool setting is also off, which I thought should be on. I have values for the old tool dimensions in x, y, z when I do a list/l command. The original tool was set up by an integrator. My question is shouldn't there be data in the aux settings as well or I am totally misunderstanding. When I change to the new tool, I need to start with Aux 0405 and define the new TCP, correct??? Any help in getting me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. I have read the manuals but still not sure. AS language is used on this robot as well.