R30-iB Maintenance

  • Hey guys,

    I work with 4 R30iB/R2000 robots and I am auditing our spare parts list. I have spare motors, fuses, TP+cable, and motor+controller fans (we had one break). I was given a list of possible parts but I wanted to get some input as to what you think is necessary/important and most prone to failure. Obviously getting everything is the way to go but I'm not sure how much $$ approval I will get. For reference, our systems are 4 years old and run in a an environment with not much dust and no oil.

    PCB Main Board

    CPU card DRAM

    Servo Card


    Amplifier 6Ax control board

    Servo amp pcb

    back plane 2 slot

    E-stop unit

    power supply unit

    power pcb

    pcb Estop

    I was hoping anyone with experience can give their feedback as to which parts are more prone to going out (if any), or which you had go out more frequently?

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  • Your list is very good and covers most of the typical failures. You'll have to break down each component based upon cost, availability and risk. Some items may be repaired in house (e-stop unit), while other such as the CPU may not. If I had to add anything I would recommend a spare pulse encoder and (unfortunately) an axis 2 RV. You may also consider RMP cable sets, depending on your cable trays and such.

    I'm not sure how critical your 4 robots are, but it may be worth investing in a spare robot and/or cabinet to rob parts from (not sure on your system pricing, but spare parts are expensive as crap).

  • I would put the E-Stop Unit and Servo Amp at the top of my list.

    This may be stating the obvious, but add Fanuc recommended grease & industrial grade batteries.

    Speak with Fanuc and see what delivery times and expediting costs are for the parts and compare this to the cost of downtime. Good info to have when negotiating with others for spare part money. CSaunders makes a good point regarding a used robot system as a spare.

    Don't forget to prevent issues. At 4 yrs, hopefully the robots have had the grease exchange done - Fanuc is known for not completely filling some of the grease cavities when the robots are assembled. Careful with the wrist of the R-2000iC, unlike the previous R-2000's, it has a separate inlet for axis J6.

    Optimizing robot paths and motion along with reducing unnecessary safety stops will save wear on the manipulator.

    Proper fusing and transient protection of I/O, safety chains and communication will help.

  • As was said, you have to know what risk the company can take. 48+ hours D/T is painfull for most automotive companies (means pretty expensive).

    If you can handle 48h D/T it can be covered by service contract with FANUC service center. The units from your list are handled in FANUC warehouse and could be delivered in 24h. Those are my experiences from middle EU region.

    Anyway, discuss it with your local FANUC service center.

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