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    Post the actual error number. The term cfg is too generic.

    Could be continuity issue with keyswitch contacts or it could be miswired.

    Double-check continuity of jumpers on DSQC509 Panel Unit.

    Replace Panel Unit

    You need a key disk for your M98 IRB2400L and a RW3.2 software package (10 disks).

    ABB used to make a key disk for a fee if you sent them a backup but not sure if they still do that.

    They used to provide a link to download the zipped RW3.2 software package.

    I do not have a key disk but you try searching the forum.

    You can use a RW3.1 or RW3.2 key disk, just make sure to use the RW3.2 software.

    Help us out by posting the robot and controller models - be specific.

    When you say lost calibration, do you mean rev. counter or fine calibration? They are very different.


    Which battery did you install?

    Serial measurement unit part #?

    Which axis is losing the rev. counter/calibration?

    What is the specific error code it gives?

    Please be aware that ABB has been using battery backed serial measurement units for over 30 years across many robot generations. There are dozens of part numbers and many different battery packs. The more detailed information you give, the more detailed help you will receive.

    There are 2 different BaseWare for the M98 - BW3.1 and BW3.2.

    You CANNOT load BW3.1 if it previously had BW3.2.

    The BACKINFO.txt file will state which software it previously had under the Products_ID heading.

    Post the file if you're unsure.

    thanks for reply @emvaiI.

    I couldn't find this subject in any manual. can you please share related document?

    Operating manual - IRC5 with FlexPendant

    Any revision of the document named as above seem to have more or less the same information about this subject. Search for quickset menu, mechanical unit button on quickset menu or turn coordination on/off from the document. Chapters 3 and 4 are the ones to go for.

    Lemster68 has already pinned RW6.0 rev- in the manuals section found >here<

    If the option is included on the key disk, it allows the ArcWare option to load from the disk pack when installing software during a Cold Start or from an I-Start (Restart 147).

    I didn't say next phase, said same phase each time.

    If you are weak on 1 phase, it may draw more power on the other 2 phases. Seen this dozens of times over the years.

    I would be remiss if I didn't ask you to check incoming power first. Checking incoming power is the fundamental first step in electronics troubleshooting.

    Once you establish incoming power and connections are correct, then look for pinched wires or issues with DC-Link, Cap Bank, amplifier, etc.

    Assuming the fuse is an incoming voltage fuse to the controller, is it the same phase each time?

    Double check incoming voltage is correct on all 3 phases and connections are good at the back of the controller disconnect switch. I like to measure incoming power with a low impedance style device like a wiggy as the high impedance of a DMM will give false readings.

    Which controller design is this? A pic of the inside will usually tell?

    Your backup says the controller is an S4C+ and the software is RW4.0 rev30

    There are posts on the forum telling you how to generate a system key string using RobInstall.

    The RW4.0 package that you install depends on which CPU card is in the computer unit: DSQC500 or newer DSQC540.

    Older backups are not compatible with Rev113 and above, there should be a post with details.

    Looks like you have the 3 key files on disk 00. The other backups should not effect loading the key file.

    The robot will automatically read them after a cold start.

    Disks 01 and up should correspond to the software disks.

    During the cold start hardware test, it will give warning about low battery voltage.

    Before starting, I read the contents of the key.txt file with a text editor and verify the description of the key matches your setup. Do not modify this file.

    If the USB was formatted properly, there should be the equivalent of 100 floppies (00-99) on the USB.

    Typically the key disk and software disks are stored somewhere on the USB if someone took advantage of having the storage of 100 floppies on the USB. The software to create & read the USB's special formatting can be found by searching the forum and the web - there are multiple versions to choose from.

    Typically one of the two batteries will weaken first. Did you replace the batteries? This almost always done with the power on. Doing them one at a time with the power off is risky when the batteries are low.