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    What is the difference between the R30iA controller and the RJ3Ib controller. I have heard they are the same, just with a different name, but noticed the insides look different.

    Regarding same, that would be the R-J3iC which was rebranded as the R-30iA.

    The R-J3iB and the R-J3iC/R-30iA are very different.

    To properly use an i-pendant, the R-J3iB needs V6.40 software.

    Have never connected a touch screen pendant on an R-J3iB.

    Is the start method high freq (high voltage)? Check connections. Distance from tip to work needs to be accurate & repeatable. Compare the start & end ramping with the other working setup. Swap power sources with other setup.

    In the past, changing the HF cable or changing the power source with built-in HF fixed this after, connections, accurate tip distance, and proper gas flow were verified.

    Uploaded the Seam Tracking with Weldguide III & MultiPass RW6.07 Operating Manual to the ABB manual section. This should have the information you need. Start with page 49.

    Check the OFF switch on the SOP and make sure it is not stuck in slightly. This is a normally closed switch.

    Assuming you are not using an external ON/OFF, make sure the jumper between TBOP2-2 & -3 is installed.

    What revision level is the RW4.0? Early versions were somewhat buggy. If older, newer rev might give better error reporting or the reload may fix the 'glitch'. There are plenty of reasons for the 127 revs.

    Regarding the joystick, you mentioned the knob. In joint, that would effect only axis 3 & axis 6. Can you verify proper joystick operation in teach pendant test mode (power on holding the 'Delete' key if I remember right)? The joystick may not be centering properly after moving it - seen this happen when the rubber boot on the stem has issues or it is pushed down too far so for the knob, there might be dirt/debris under the knob that keeps it from centering sometimes. Seen joysticks not track properly after the pendant has been dropped and the joystick stem is pushed in - the joystick test should find this.

    Sorry you're still dealing with this.

    After rereading everything - lets talk about the temperature. Is the motor also hot at idle? High temperature of the aux amp could be from improper configuration or the amp may be too small for the motor and over working to maintain position. Seen high motor temperatures degrade Pulsecoders and cause DTERR alarms.

    I also noticed the Fanuc part #s you listed are missing the last digit (Axxx-xxxx-xxxx). That last digit would be printed in the small yellow box at the end of the part #. It may have come off during cleaning.

    If you are recommissioning the robot, then an init start (I-Start) should work. This will erase all your programs and such. As always, make a backup first. You will need the software so you can load in the English text. The User Manual for the software version you have should have the details.

    There may also be an instruction somewhere that is overwriting the position you are modifying:


    Also seen modules loaded at startup from the Home directory that overwrite any changes that may have been made. You have to save the changed module to replace the called module.

    If the position is part of an array, you may be modifying a point elsewhere in the array. A position that has an { } at the end is usually in an array. Example:


    MoveJ pRobTargetC{x}, v300, z50, tool1;

    I ran across something like this in the past and wondered the same things. I suspect the SMove is a procedure call (ProcCall) with parameters. Check to see if you can find the routine in one of the sys modules. Example of a routine used instead of the MoveJ instruction:

    PROC SMoveJ(

    num ActPos,

    robtarget ToPoint,

    speeddata speed

    \num T,

    zonedata zone,

    INOUT tooldata tool

    \INOUT wobjdata WObJ

    \switch NoMove)

    IF Present(NoMove)=FALSE MoveL ToPoint,speed\T?T,zone,tool\WObj?WObJ;


    IF nActPos<100 nStartPos:=nActPos;


    MoveL ToPoint,speed,zone,tool\WObj?WObJ;


    IF nActPos<100 nStartPos:=nActPos;

    !////////////////////////// ERROR TRAP ///////////////////////////////




    TPWrite "Error: "\Num:=ERRNO;




    Been awhile since I looked at prices but seem to remember approx. $2500 USD. That can depend on whether your distributor/integrator passes on some of their discount. The place Fanuc gets you is when you add options.

    Since you're using DOSBox, I assume you are using Win7 or Win10. Which version is it?

    I also have to ask if you made sure the device selected in the file menu is set to 'Floppy Drive'.

    Regarding the VFD noise, I wouldn't expect that to be an issue unless the Kfloppy and the drive cables were running parallel and the Kfloppy cable was unshielded.