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    How low are the voltages? ABB specs for incoming voltage are -15% to +10%. The ideal voltage to the power supply is 55VAC 3-ph and 262VAC 3-ph going to contactor K1.

    The transformer is tapped for different incoming voltages, make sure the incoming voltage and the transformer jumpers match. If you're not sure, post the transformer part # and what the incoming voltage is. Page 363 (diagram sheet 12) in the previously mentioned manual gives the transformer jumpers needed.

    To get an answer in general regarding aftermarket controllers, I would start a new post in the General Discussion of Industrial Robots Only. If it's specific to only ABB, then start a new one here in the ABB forum.

    The NiCad battery pack is rated at 7.2V (6 x 1.2V) but typically reads closer to 8V when fully charged. It loses the overcharge voltage at a faster rate but should flatten out around 7.4 to 7.7V.

    I measure the power supply voltages at the connectors on the front. For the M98A circuit diagrams, see page 365 of this manual > M98A IRB2400 Product Manual

    Assuming is bad practice so I ask you to verify there is a DSQC324 16MB External Memory Board in the computer rack and not the DSQC323 8MB.

    You may be able to free up some memory if there are unused files in the RAM Disk.

    If the system still has modules left over from when it was previously used for other tasks, you can reload the software but not load unused ProcessWare and options.

    The 38001 error solution ABB suggests is that the battery pack may be the issue, but it could be the Serial Measurement Unit itself. I don't remember high pitch sounds from a good one, but the upper range of my hearing has diminished over the years.

    I've also had issues with intermittent battery connections dropping the rev counter.

    Glad it was able to boot. You should do a backup ASAP!!

    Regarding the 2 controller batteries - it's unusual to have one good and one bad. Glad you were able to change them correctly although I always measure the new batteries first and then change them with the power on to ensure no issues.

    The power supply fan variation may indicate a power supply issue or it could just be going bad. Checking the DC outputs levels and the AC component of each one is needed to verify its operation.

    Regarding 'Error 38001' - did you check the SMB battery pack in the base of the robot? This is also done with the power on. If it is a 6-cell NiCad pack, the controller should be on for 24 hrs to ensure it is fully charged. If it is a 3-cell Lithium pack, it should be replaced be a 6-cell NiCad pack per ABB.

    Regarding the 'EN' (Enable) LED - check the error log for another system error. You can save the log file and post it if you're unsure about the errors.

    The -RHJ & -RHK are for the old M94A software that ABB recalled and replaced with Commware(RobotWare) 2.0. Hopefully you are not using the M94A software.

    If you are running the RW2.0, BW2.1 or BW3.0 software, you need one of the sets below which are listed oldest to newest:

    D62 - 4911014-RND

    D63 - 4911014-RNE

    D62 - 4911014-RRY

    D63 - 4911014-RRZ

    D62 - 4911014-SBV

    D63 - 4911014-SDG

    D62 - 3HAC6382-001

    D63 - 3HAC6383-001

    Pretty sure it needs to be an authorized option in the KEY file to load it.

    If so, you need to do a backup and then an I-Start (press 147 at restart) to load the option.

    It's a shame you didn't get a backup while it would still power up. The backinfo file would have said which version of software it had. If for some reason you have to load software, you must NOT install RW3.1 if it had RW3.2 installed.

    Was the controller on when you replaced the batteries? Should always change them with the power on.

    The power supplies are susceptible to going bad with time. Seen noisy power supplies also cause this. The AC component on the DC voltages should be <50mV on a digital meter.

    This is the option 536 folder from disk 8 from the 3HAB2390-2.54 S4C BW3.0 disk pack The other non-arcware disk pack did not have it. Hope it helps.



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    Since it was a fully functional robot before testing the DSQC328, my assumption was there should be a backup somewhere.

    On the electrical side of troubleshooting, make sure the connections between the panel board and the backplane are good.

    Does this 'Unexpected error' occur when pressing the teach pendant deadman switch or when changing jog coordinates?

    If you have the System 04 or 06 drive units in the 340 cabinet, you will need to change the 4-axis drive unit to the correct 6-axis drive unit:

    System 04 for IRB140 is 3HAC14546-1

    System 06 for IRB140 is 3HAC025338-001

    Rectifiers and capacitor units are the same.

    The small 24V relays on the DSQC210 were known to be intermittent due to arced contacts. Used to replace all the relays automatically on the board before selling an IRB2000 or if just repairing the boards 20+ years ago.

    Read thru the parameters section of the manual for detail, this info is from memory:

    Move robot to the sync position and do the Rev counter update in the Param menu.

    DO NOT do the Com (Commutation) update!!

    You can enter the Fine calibration numbers from a tag somewhere on the robot or in the cabinet by pressing manual. Updating Fine Cal will update the axis where it sits.

    Updating axes (A1 thru A6) parameters is done one at a time. An 'All Axes' option was added to later firmware versions to make setting up faster.